From time to time we have items of furniture that are slightly less than perfect but still perfectly usable.  They might have been used in photo shoots, been on display in our store, been assembled in routine quality checks or taken a knock in the warehouse. Overall they are of excellent quality but we cannot sell them as “first” stock. We think it is a real shame to simply throw them away so we are offering them for sale at deep discounts to our normal prices.

Aspace supports two local children's charities - Naomi House Children's Hospice and Hope and Homes for Children. 10% of ALL nett profits from seconds sales will be shared between these two charities.

We're sorry, but promotional discounts and offers do NOT apply on sales of seconds. ALL seconds orders MUST be placed via the website.

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  1. Pom Pom Kit

    £12 £5

  2. Pom Pom Kit

    £12 £5

  3. Pom Pom Kit

    £12 £5

  4. Chef's Set

    £10 £6

  5. Dolls House Kitchen Furniture Set

    £25 £15

  6. Triqo Box Kit

    £30 £18

  7. Oak Changer

    £75 £19

  8. Chatham Single Door

    £45 £22.50

  9. Chelsea Flower Pendant

    £60 £25

  10. Candy Meadow Tab Top Curtains

    £55 £25

  11. Juicy Fruits Single Cube Roll Out Cupboard

    £55 £27.50

  12. Juicy Fruits Single Cube Roll Out Cupboard

    £55 £27.50