Converting Your Spare Room

Have you always dreamed of having a walk-in wardrobe? Or perhaps you’re thinking of expanding your brood in the New Year? Whatever your reasoning, leaving a room unused is a misuse of space so make the most of it. Read on for our inspiring list of ideas of things to do with a spare room:

Games room

Have you or your partner always dreamt of having a man cave? Well make the most of any free space and add a billiard table, a poker table, a pinball machine or maybe a built in bar. Fix a TV to the wall and stock up the mini fridge and have fun!

 Make it a kids free zone and invite some friends around. If you enjoy gaming this may make the perfect place to plug in your PlayStation or Xbox. 

Kid’s bedroom or playroom

If you find yourself tripping over plastic kids’ toys on a regular basis then it may be time to optimise space and create a playroom. The children will have their own space and your living room will stay nice and tidy. Add some comfy beanbags, a story time armchair and some storage for toys to make the room feel a little more homely.

When you are expecting a new arrival this room can easily be converted into a child’s bedroom. Add a quality wooden bunk bed and some comfy soft furnishings but keep the bright colours and whimsical theme. 

Study or library

Do you do a lot of work at home? If so then you may benefit from a home office. A spare room may be a bit of a tight squeeze as a bedroom so this is the perfect alternative. Even if you don’t work from home this area may act as a great setting for your computer or printer and a home for all your bookworms’ precious novels. Plus it will free up some space elsewhere in the house.

Make sure this room has plenty of light so you don’t strain your eyes, decorate with plenty of cushions and add a good back support to your chair. Don’t forget a CD player or a radio! Decorate in soft pastel colours to create a calming and relaxed space where you can concentrate fully.

Walk in wardrobe

A dressing room or walk in wardrobe is a dream for many people. The chance to remove chunky furniture and to gain more storage. This room is a luxury that not everyone gets and is usually a room that can only be accessed off of another, preferably a bedroom.

If you are thinking of selling your home sometime soon we wouldn’t recommend this however as this way you would be removing a possible bedroom.

So what do you think about these suggestions for things to do with a spare room? Will you be converting yours sometime soon?