Inspired ways to brighten their room

It seems like there is an endless flow of pictures, paintings, sculptures and we’re- not -really –sure- what –that- is- but–we’ll-smile-and-nod–anyway artwork thrown at us at the close of every school day. This is, obviously, a clear indication that our children are insanely talented and artistic, and we wouldn’t be surprised if they turned out to be the next Picasso (especially with all those cubist drawings they keep producing – just fabulous). So with their newly discovered artistic pursuits in tow, why not get them to lend a hand in producing their very own artwork? It’s easy, simple and a great way to get the creative juices flowing – and who knows, you might even enjoy it yourself!

One of our favourite stories this season is Pop Art, an action packed tale of vibrant colour and animated prints inspired by our favourite comic book heroes. We think it’s our brightest story yet, and to help you add an instant pop of colour into any room, and have a bit of fun along the way, we’ve got some great ideas to get your little ones involved in decorating their room – think bright primary colours, fun typography  and Warhol inspired prints.

Hands on – Create a Pop Art favourite with some card, paint and a little helping hand. On one large piece of card, paint or colour each quarter different colours. The best way to do this is to choose four colours that compliment the current room decor or styling. Take colours from current wallpapers or paint, cushions, throws and bedding, or just some simple bright colours like blue, red, orange and yellow. You will then need four pieces of coloured card, all of different colours and in any shade you like. Get your little one to place their hand on each of the colours and trace around their hand with a pencil. Help them cut out their hand stencil and stick this to each quarter of the painting, making sure the hand is a different colour to the shade of the box. Next, get some black paint and paint the palm of their hands. Get them to print a handprint over each coloured hand, in a slightly off centre position. Voila! They now have their very own Pop Art print to hang in their room.

Tape it up – Another effective and simple piece that looks stunning as a hanging canvas is a tape painting. On a piece of card or canvas, stick masking tape at different angles across each other. Paint over the top in any colour you please. Once the paint is dry, peel back the masking tape to reveal angled patterns that make a great a modern piece in any room.