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Childrens Bedding

Everything they’ll need for a thoroughly cosy night. We have a fantastic selection of mattresses designed and built especially for children plus an unrivalled range of duvet covers, blankets, quilts, duvets, pillows and mattress protectors. 

Stylish and practical children’s bedding

We design girls’ and boys’ bedding sets with quality and practicality in mind to offer developing minds the best possible night’s sleep. From duvet sets made with 100% cotton to anti-allergenic mattress protectors, our kids’ bedding accessories are durable and soft, ensuring optimum comfort for the growing girl or boy.

Decorative duvet sets & accessories

We offer an extensive collection of decorative duvet sets and accessories designed to complement your child’s room. Each season we launch specially considered stories and themes that help transform the space your children live in. We select duvet covers as part of the coordinated look – from the intrepid explorer in “Wish you were here” to the fun that is “Colour Me Bright”. From there we build the collection with beautiful blankets and quilts, snugly cushions, even matching rugs, to create a wonderful and inspirational space for your children. 

Long lasting bedding essentials

At ASPACE, we understand the need to strike a balance between aesthetically pleasing bedding and long lasting products which will stand up against wear, tear and accidents. That’s why our products are made using the highest quality materials; take our 2-in-1 sheet and mattress protector for instance, fully waterproof and hypo-allergenic, the protector is made with eco-friendly fibres which absorb moisture easily and offer maximum comfort.

All of our bedding is designed to fit standard size single 3’ beds.

And if the cousins suddenly announce they’re coming to stay we can arrange next day delivery if your order is in stock. Another emergency dealt with!