Blankets & Throws

Blankets & Throws

Layer up for the long haul with our cosy collection of childrens blankets and throws. Safe and snug kids blankets available at ASPACE.

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Children’s Blankets & Throws

A favourite blanket to drag off to all the comfy corners of the house or a simple finishing touch to throw on the bed and keep them warm at night.

Merino Wool Children’s Fleece Blankets

Curl up with our room enhancing blankets and throws, ideal for warming their cockles on chilly winter nights. Made with the finest Merino wool, our high-end collection of children’s fleece blankets have been designed to guarantee maximum warmth and comfort. We take great care to ensure that our entire bedding collection is created using the most long-lasting materials, cheap and disposable we’re not.

Merino wool was favoured during the Middle Ages for its ability to provide optimum warmth in tough, harsh climates and is still highly regarded today for its soft and luxurious qualities. In fact, Merino is one of the softest types of wool available and is excellent at regulating body temperature, ensuring your child a cosy, irritation-free snooze.

Beautiful Kid’s Blankets

Be it a block check blanket made from European wool or a moss stitch throw in taupe, our kid’s blankets are not only cosy and warm but terribly good looking. Pair a reversible star blanket with a post-box red duvet cover or mix and match with clashing colours and prints to make a statement.

Seeking design inspiration? Pop over to our Inspirational Bedrooms page where you’ll find a plethora of example bedroom themes to get those creative cogs turning. Be it an exploration themed bedroom for the young bicycle fan or a feminine, floral boudoir for the little princess in your life, delve into a world of fun and imagination at ASPACE.