Versatile Mid Sleepers

Create endless configurations

Each mid sleeper has a range of matching furniture to choose from.

You can arrange and re-arrange your chest of drawers, desk and bookshelves to create your perfect space... and then change it all around again.

Create the whole package

Each of our three mid-sleepers has a range of matching furniture. First, choose your mid sleeper, then add furniture to complete your perfect system.

  • Mid Sleeper
  • Desk
  • Chest of Drawers
  • Bookshelf
Versatile Mid Sleepers
Arrange and Re-arrange your Mid Sleeper
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  1. Newport Mid Sleeper

    £550 £467

    53 reviews


  2. Single Shelf Bookcase

    £175 £148

    40 reviews

    In Stock

  3. Newport Three Drawer Chest

    £375 £318

    25 reviews

    In Stock

  4. Oak Trestle Desk

    £275 £220

    25 reviews


  5. Single Shelf Bookcase

    £175 £105

    40 reviews

    In Stock

  6. Abbotsbury Three Drawer Chest

    £275 £165

    14 reviews

    In Stock

  7. Trestle Desk

    £195 £156


  8. Juicy Fruits Mid Sleeper Bed

    £395 £316

    21 reviews


  9. Roll-out Quadrant Unit

    £135 £114

    136 reviews

    In Stock

  10. Juicy Fruits Chest Of Drawers

    £250 £200

    108 reviews


  11. Juicy Fruits Roll Out Desk

    £135 £108

    44 reviews

    In Stock

  12. Juicy Fruits Mid Sleeper Bed

    £395 £316

    21 reviews


Mid Sleeper Beds

Mid sleeper beds allow your children to work, rest and play in just a small space. And hopefully a little less clutter. Choose from chests, bookcases and desks that fit under your mid sleeper bed today at ASPACE – in pretty much whatever configuration you need… 

Stylish space-saving beds

Here at ASPACE, we know that space is sometimes at a premium in your little ones’ bedrooms. Mid sleeper beds are the perfect solution for small spaces – a medium-sized frame that looks great and cunningly conceals a load of your kids’ clutter too.

Best of all, mid sleeper beds are completely adaptable to your own individual needs. Offering more space to accommodate desks, bookcases and any other storage solutions that can keep a bedroom clean and tidy, they’re very popular with kids of all ages and sizes. Our wide range of mid sleepers can complement different tastes, so whether you’re looking for chic modern beds or a classic wooden design you’ll find it online at ASPACE. 

Order today from the bed experts

With over 20 years’ experience in providing top-quality children’s furniture, we know how to make young people’s bedrooms look great. What’s more, you can rest assured knowing that every bed design has been subject to rigorous testing to ensure your child stays safe over the long-term.

Are you looking to add space to your home with mid sleeper beds? Start to build your unique storage system by selecting a bed from our collection above.