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Kids' Day Beds

Children’s daybeds are a wonderful and practical solution for a child’s bedroom. No matter what age, everyone wants somewhere comfortable to relax during the day alongside a cosy bed for the night. These full size single daybeds are a great choice for smaller bedrooms or even for turning spaces into a great sleepover spot.

  1. Stowford Children's Daybed - Silk White
    Stowford Children's Daybed - Silk White
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What's So Brilliant About Our Kids' Day Beds

Day Beds for Toddlers, Children & Teenagers

Beautiful and multi-functional, a kids' day bed can complete a bedroom with both whimsical charm and grown-up good looks. Suitable for younger years through to teens, children of all ages will love a cosy single bed and cool place to hang out all in one.

Creating A Beautiful Bedroom

Our wooden boys and girls day beds are the perfect choice for parents who want to create a space for their little one that will wow. Coordinating with our complete Charterhouse furniture range, you can create a look for both boys and girls that combines a sumptuous sleep spot with a relaxing daytime environment. Equipped with a trundle sleepover bed underneath, our girls' and boys' day beds also offer complete flexibility for social butterflies. Gone are the days of unsightly blow-up beds, our straight forward trundle rolls out to reveal a comfortable, full sized guest bed. After home time, simply slide it away and the beautiful grooved panelling disguises the hidden bed within.

Built To Last, And Then Some

We have over 20 years experience in children's furniture design and retail, and we’ve built up a few fans along the way. All of our furniture walks the tightrope between style and safety, and our customers definitely agree. We’ve been awarded multiple accolades for our customer care and the quality of our products, thanks to the excellent reviews we are left every day.

The Extra Bits

All of our beautiful bedroom furniture can be assembled for a small extra cost. Our delivery includes carrying the heavy boxes to your room of choice anyway, but for a few extra pennies we will do all the hard work for you, and even take all the rubbish away. Our expert assembly team have had years of Aspace experience, and will be able to whip up your new kids' day bed faster than you can put the kettle on* - all that's left for you to do is show off your best Mum and Dad in the world badge!

*Not scientific, although the guys are really very speedy!