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Children's Bedroom Furniture

We've worked super hard developing our range, as we understand that every child needs their own furniture in their own space…a gorgeous wooden desk for homework, a luxury wardrobe for keeping things tidy (ha!) or a quality bookcase for the bookworms amongst them. But whatever the needs of you and, most importantly, your child, our premium, solid wood furniture is sure to meet them.

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Childs Wooden Desk, Childs Blue Desk, Childrens Wooden Desk, Childrens Blue Desk, Kids Wooden Desk, Kids Blue Desk

children's pedestal desk - prussian blue

Pre-Order £399.00

children's hook-on shelf - silk white

children's hook-on shelf - silk white

Pre-Order £50.00

Childs Wooden Desk, Childs White Desk, Childrens Wooden Desk, Childrens White Desk, Kids Wooden Desk, Kids White Desk

children's pedestal desk - antique white

Pre-Order £399.00

Charterhouse Childs Wooden Armoire, Childrens Wooden Armoire, Kids Wooden Armoire

Charterhouse children's wardrobe - taupe

In Stock £799.00

Childs Wooden Chair, Childs Grey Chair, Childrens Wooden Chair, Childrens Grey Chair, Kids Wooden Chair, Kids Grey Chair

children's ladderback chair - dark grey

In Stock £129.00

Charterhouse Childs Wooden Armoire, Childs Blue Armoire, Childrens Wooden Armoire, Childrens Blue Armoire, Kids Wooden Armoire, Kids Blue Armoire

Charterhouse two drawer children's wardrobe - prussian blue

In Stock £899.00

Childs Wooden Chair, Childs Blue Chair, Childrens Wooden Chair, Childrens Blue Chair, Kids Wooden Chair, Kids Blue Chair

children's classic chair - prussian blue

Made To Order £129.00

Milne Childs Wooden Bookcase, Childs White Bookcase, Childrens Wooden Bookcase, Childrens White Bookcase, Kids Wooden Bookcase, Kids White Bookcase

Milne tall children's bookcase - silk white

Pre-Order £299.00

Charterhouse Childs Wooden Chest Of Drawers, Childs Blue Chest Of Drawers, Childrens Wooden Chest Of Drawers, Childrens Blue Chest Of Drawers, Kids Wooden Chest Of Drawers, Kids Blue Chest Of Drawers

Charterhouse 3+2 children's chest of drawers - prussian blue

In Stock £685.00

Mondrian Childs Wooden Bookshelf, Childs Blue Bookshelf, Childrens Wooden Bookshelf, Childrens Blue Bookshelf, Kids Wooden Bookshelf, Kids Blue Bookshelf

Mondrian children's bookshelf - blue

In Stock £80.00

Gorgeous Children's Furniture Built To Last

First Bedrooms Are Special

At Aspace, we put ourselves in the shoes of rapidly developing young minds to come up with innovative designs we know your children will love. Whether you’re looking for the perfect bedside table, desk or bookcase, you’ll find our unmatched reputation for producing high quality furniture to be consistent across all of our products. Our range of painted wood furniture is perfect to mix and match - follow your own artistic direction or check out or lookbook for some inspiring ideas.

Quality Children's Furniture

Our children’s furniture is designed in the UK and manufactured using quality assured materials. We use solid wood where appropriate and every piece of furniture is painted in a durable silk finish in a range of classic colours. All of our furniture undergoes rigorous testing to ensure they meet the highest standards of safety – so you can rest easy knowing your little one is safe.

Twenty Years Of Craftsmanship And Design Experience

Marrying devoted craftsmanship and design expertise, we have over twenty years’ experience in the field of furniture design and do our utmost to ensure every piece of furniture, no matter how large or small, is of the highest quality. Before our designs even leave the sketchbook, we make sure that each and every design is 100% fit for purpose. All of our furniture is put through rigorous durability and stability tests before it leaves the factory, so you can be feel at ease knowing our furniture is as secure as it is stylish.


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