Kid's Bedsides

Kid's Bedsides

Whether its for a nightlight, their favourite books or a drawer full of trinkets and odds and ends, the bedside table is a must-have for every bedroom. Our collection...

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  1. Fairford Bedside

    £95 £66.50

  2. Stowford Bedside

    £95 £66.50

  3. Stowford Bedside

    £95 £66.50

  4. New Hampshire Bedside

    £175 £122.50

  5. Claremont Bedside

    £195 £136.50

  6. Shoreditch Bedside

    £195 £136.50

  7. Shoreditch Bedside

    £195 £136.50

Diverse Kid’s Bedside Tables & Cabinets

A proper place for books, clocks and trinkets in a wide range of finishes to match our main furniture ranges.

Co-ordinating Children’s Bedside Tables

Be it a nightlight, story book or drawer to store odds and ends, the bedside table is a staple piece for every bedroom. We have a large collection of kid’s bedside tables to choose from which are all designed to correspond with ASPACE themes. Take the Stowford bedside table for example, this classically white piece of furniture can be matched with the Stowford wardrobe and bed or purchased on its own to blend in with miscellaneous décor.

Whether you want to mix and match furniture or follow your own artistic direction, our inspirational bedrooms page is a great starting point for gathering ideas. We have seasonal trends as well as bedroom furniture collections, including:

  • Porterhouse – Where rich oak furniture and travel themed accessories coexist. The perfect foundation for a little boy or girl with a taste for discovery

High Quality Furniture, Built to Last

Whether you’re looking for a Belvoir bedside table or an Oundle bunk bed, you’ll find our unmatched reputation for producing high quality furniture to be consistent across all products. Before our designs even leave the sketchbook, we make sure that each and every design is 100% fit for purpose.

Shop with ASPACE today to find high quality furniture which is built to stand the test of time and last from childhood through to the teenage years.