Without a wardrobe, your child’s bedroom will quickly turn into a floordrobe, so it’s a must-have item for keeping clothes and shoes organised. All our children’s...

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Children’s Wardrobes

No better way to meet the clutter challenge head on than with a capacious and adaptable wardrobe.

High Quality Wardrobes Built to Last

We’ve all been in a situation where our clothing collection ends up serving as a secondary bedroom carpet. When schedules are hectic and your existing wardrobe swells with the weight of all those clothes, a little thing called the “floordrobe” tends to happen.

Restore order to a messy bedroom by investing in a spacious children’s wardrobe which will hold the weight of all their prized possessions for years to come. And it’s not just clothing that can be stored in our wardrobes, all of our girls and boys wardrobes come complete with compartments ideal for storing shoes, towels and miscellaneous items.

Take the Belvoir Armoire wardrobe for example, this gorgeous creation features 4 wardrobe sections and 6 drawers allowing enormous storage capacity. Store their dresses and jackets on one side and all their school uniform staples on the other. Place their shoes and bathroom essentials in the underneath compartments and use the drawer space for all the other odds and ends which can lead to a messy bedroom. Wave goodbye to that “floordrobe”.

Exclusively ASPACE

When you purchase a piece of furniture from us, you can rest assured that you won’t find it anywhere else. That’s right, every bed, bookcase, chair, desk and wardrobe found on this site is 100% exclusive.

And another thing, every piece of furniture we sell has been designed right here in the UK. Shop with us today for stylish, long-lasting solutions to all your bedroom decorating needs.