Wooden Chairs

Wooden Chairs

Every child's bedroom needs a chair, where they can do their homework or concentrate on some colouring in. Even though our children’s chairs look just like grown...

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Wooden Chairs

Every child’s bedroom needs a desk and a chair. A handy space for homework, reading, top trumps, artistic pursuits or some time on the laptop.

Fun Furniture

There’s nothing more entertaining than sitting down on a chair that’s created just for you! Our children’s chairs are far more exciting than grown-up chairs. Kids can forget sitting in seats that swamp them, with their feet far from the ground. As Goldilocks would say, these chairs are “just right!” Children will love the novelty of having their own special place to sit.

Playtime Essentials

Our range of kid’s chairs is certain to provide endless fun at playtime. Children can enjoy sitting on our beautifully crafted chairs at our co-ordinating tables and participate in many fun-filled activities, from painting to completing jigsaw puzzles. There’s room for friends and siblings too! Kids will adore sitting on our attractive pieces of furniture.

Room For Role Play

Children often play pretend. Why? They want to be a part of the adult world. With our kid’s chairs, they can. Our gorgeous wooden chairs, designed specifically for children, give kids the opportunity to be creative!

Perhaps they’ll be a teacher, sat on a child’s wooden chair, marking the attendance of the ‘pupils’ sat on the floor in front of them. Or maybe they’ll be a hairdresser and have their ‘customer’ sit on one of our elegant chairs whilst they pretend to cut and style hair! Children will have hours of fun roleplaying with our range of superb chairs.

Visit us in store to check out our extensive range of children’s wooden chairs in an array of colours and styles, or simply browse our collection online.