Dolls Houses

Dolls Houses

Sweetheart cottages, Victorian town houses, and accessories bursting with character, shop the full ASPACE dolls house collection online.

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  1. Le Maison De Juliet

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  2. High Rise Dolls House

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  3. Country Doll

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Dolls Houses

Luxury homes by any doll’s standards!

Wooden dolls house furniture

The beloved dolls house is not a particularly new invention, in fact dolls houses have been stirring children’s imaginations since the sixteenth and seventeenth century; you were probably even in possession of one yourself at some point. Nevertheless, be it the opportunity for character role-play or creating a miniature world, dolls houses have an undeniably timeless appeal which has cemented them as a firm favourite amongst children worldwide.

From sweetheart cottages to Victorian town houses, seize the opportunity to delight your children with our beautiful collection of dolls houses. Once you’ve selected the perfect abode, bring the space to life with dolls house furniture and accessories such as wooden kitchen fittings and bathtubs. The fun doesn’t stop there; we also have a variety of family characters and even a pink car for the dolls to travel around in style.

Whether you’re looking for a sweetheart cottage or a Georgian townhouse, browse the full collection of ASPACE dolls houses online.