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Product / 26 Jun 2018 / by Emily Maidment

5 Reasons Our Bunk Beds are the Best in the Land

We know, we know, that's a pretty big statement to make. But we wouldn't go around tooting our own trumpet if we weren't completely and utterly sure that we're selling something fabulous.

Plus, we have proof! Our classic Charterhouse Bunk Beds have a flawless five-star rating on Feefo, our independent review platform, as voted by our customers.

Best Bunk Beds

In order for you lovely lot to understand why we're such big fans of our trusty bunks, we’ve rounded up five fantastic reasons that make our bunk beds the best.

 1. Safety. In fact, they’re super safe. If you’re interested in the nitty gritty, they meet the British Standard BS747 for safety… which basically means we’ve had lots of official looking people in long white coats tell us they’re as safe as can be. 

2. Versatility. They’re not just bunks! As do-it-all superstars, our bunk beds actually transform into two identical single beds. That means that when your little ones grow up and want separate spaces, the process should be argument free when it comes to who has what bed. But just so you know, we can’t promise there won’t be any bickers over who has the bigger room.  

 3. Quality. We don’t muck around when it comes to materials. There’s no cutting corners, because that’s just not what we’re about. Our bunk beds are made from chunky bits of wood and the best quality fittings. It’s what gives them their strength and durability which we know is so important to our families. 

 4. Longevity. They last a lifetime. And we’re not exaggerating, they really do! We love hearing stories from satisfied customers who’ve put them up, taken them down, turned them all around and everything else in between. Through house moves, kids growing up and wanting separate single beds, popping them back up as bunks for the next generation, and even transforming them into lovely single beds for grown up guests, our bunk beds can go through it all and live to tell the happy tale.  

5. Durability. The highly technical ‘wobble test’. It’s as fun as it sounds, grab one of our bunks and see if you can make it wobble. Any luck? Nope, we know they just don’t budge! Whether it’s bouncing on the bed or practising rugby tackles, there’s only one winner, and that’s our bunks. As a matter of fact, we're so confident in our bunk beds, and all our furniture in fact, we offer a 7 year guarantee, the longest we've heard of when it comes to children's furniture!

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