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Product / 12 Feb 2018 / by Emily Maidment

Boys Beds That Are Built To Last

Boys will be boys... it’s just a bit of rough and tumble.... we’ve heard it all before! That’s why we’ve ensured all of our children's beds, from the High Sleepers to the handy Trundle, are built to withstand as much as your children can throw at them!

We know what it’s like, we’re Mums and Dads too you know! That’s why we know how high our very high standards need to be. From our intricate, original designs to rigorous product testing we’ve made sure all of our beds will be able to withstand a sleepover with a family of kangaroos, or you know, some bouncing on the bed during a sleepover with the best friend! And when it comes to bumped heads and scraped knees, we’ve tried to minimise the damage by removing all the annoying ‘sticky out’ bits that cause accidents in the first place. All of our kids single beds, cabin beds and bunk beds that come with cupboards and drawers feature cut out handles - bonus being that this sleek, minimal design looks great and there’s less for wandering hands to try and yank off.

As much as we love them when they’re little, with chubby cheeks and a teddy bear in their hand, boys have a funny habit of growing up far too quickly! That’s why all of our beds are standard single sizes to ensure adventurous toddlers and growing teenage boys, and even visiting older cousins and uncles will get a great night’s sleep

Built to last you year after year, our impressive seven year guarantee stands true to this. That being said, we know accidents can always happen. If your busy boy happens to be magically stronger that a family of kangaroos, then we’re only a phone call away from providing you with a spare part, fixing your bed or providing a replacement, always ensuring a precious night's sleep is on the cards.