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Health / 18 Dec 2015 / by James

Bones & Bolts: The Safety Edition

At ASPACE, we are so passionate about everything to do with good quality furniture that it borders on obsession. From finial to foot, every inch of our furniture is pored over by experts from the design stages all the way through to our first delivery from production, and it’s all to ensure that we give you the best furniture for your children.

We spend a lot of time deciding on materials, joints and designs, but at the end of the day even the most beautiful bed is worthless if it isn’t safe - especially when it’s being used by kids. We all know they’re prone to scraped knees and bumps on the head, so we do everything we can to make sure our furniture performs brilliantly and can stand the test of time.

To utilise our knowledge and expertise of what makes a really great and safe piece of furniture, our product development workshop has one of the most sophisticated testing rigs around.


Test Rig

Designed and built in house by our own technician Tom, this tangle of pipes and pulleys might look like a torture device but it’s actually making sure our bed can withstand repeated hits of activity. We use this to test a product’s integrity, durability, stability and longevity, so when you buy a piece of ASPACE furniture, you know it’s going to be the real deal.



Pump Action Ball



We all tell our kids not to jump on their bed, but who can honestly say they’ve never done it? This pump-action impactor imitates repeated jumping by effectively punching the bed over 10,000 times in separate spots to test the strength of the mattress base. We also have four side impactors to create the process of ‘shake, rattle and roll’ – a term we use to describe all the wear and tear the bed will take over time, be that jumping, climbing or just plain sleeping. The side impactors effectively ‘roll’ the product around to test the durability of the bed’s frame and fastenings.  So just in case your little darling does decide to practise their somersaults when they should be asleep, you know the bed can take it.




As well as accounting for jumping, we’ve invented some more detailed and specific tests for more particular parts of a bed – such as the ladders of our mid- and high-sleepers. They’re tested with an impactor another 10,000 times to make sure they won’t break or warp after years of climbing up and down. The strength of the joints is very important here and any issues that are raised in the testing phase are attended to by our team of designers and technicians to reduce risk to a minimum.



Although we make furniture for kids, we make sure the beds are safe for everyone to use. This plank of wood makes the perfect dummy for checking a single bed or trundle can support the weight of a mummy or daddy at story time, as well as their little one. Tom’s sworn never to reveal whose shapely posterior this was modelled from though!

We always create written test reports and photographs to support our investigations, but we do make use of external test houses to confirm our findings – it pays to be sure.

We’re really proud of our furniture, and we’re proud of all the work we put into it to make sure our furniture meets all the demands of a busy family life, while still looking beautiful. That’s our promise, and we’re sticking to it.