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Getting to know Chloe blog post header

News / 15 Jun 2018 / by Emily Maidment

Getting To Know Chloe

Chloe Flint is the talent behind our brilliant new duvet sets. If you haven't seen them already then we strongly advise you pop over to our Lookbook to have a marvel at them. We really are pleased as punch, incase you couldn't already tell!

There was many a cup of tea and biscuits involved in the making of the project, from whittling down our favourite prints to fuelling the photoshoot. So naturally it felt only right that we sat down over one to quiz Chloe on her inspiration for the designs, the excitement of being Aspace's first Young Designer, and a few of her favourite things!

Chloe's Duvet Cover Designs

Chloe's exclusive designs for Aspace.

"We love your designs Chloe! When did you first realise your passion for textile design?"

I have grown up surrounded by art and design, both my grandparents studied painting at the RCA and my parents are graphic designers, however I think trips to the V&A when I was at secondary school and being exposed to the fashion and textiles department opened my eyes to pattern and colour.

"Tell us about your creative process." 

It always starts with drawing from real life whether it’s in the studio or outside. I like to draw with a combination of materials such as crayons, ink, pens, pencils, creating textures and marks which I can then combine and collage with. Collage is fundamental to the way I design and has the flexibility to allow me to move shapes and colours around to create different compositions for print designs. 

"How has it felt working in collaboration with Aspace to come up with these fun designs?"

It has been exciting and a great opportunity to learn some more professional skills. I have really enjoyed seeing my work being made into real life products. Designing for children has been a really exciting chance to explore a completely new area of textiles.  

"Can you tell us a bit about your inspiration for the Aspace Young Designers collection?"

I took inspirations from children’s playgrounds for colour and shape inspiration and tried to capture a childlike feeling of naivety, playfulness and spontaneity. I tend to look at artists, illustrators and designers; Matisse and Lucienne day are a constant inspiration as well as more contemporary designers such as Atelier Bingo and Marimekko.

"How do you think the Aspace Young Designers initiative might help other up-and-coming designers, like yourself?"

The initiative has given me the chance to collaborate with an exciting growing company which has helped me to develop my professional skills and develop my own creativity through a unique project designing for children. It could give others the opportunity to share their designs, thoughts and passion within a commercial context.

"What’s the one piece of advice you would give to any young textile designers in the making?"

Don’t be afraid to experiment and embrace mistakes. 

Finally, we finished by quizzing Chloe on the important stuff... 

Chloe Flint Quick Fire Questions

Chloe's duvet sets are now available to purchase, exclusively from Aspace. Click here to shop nowBrowse, buy and join in the conversation online; help us get behind our up and coming young designers!