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News / 25 Sep 2018 / by Emily Maidment

Meet Our Warehouse Manager

This month we managed to snatch a quick five minutes with Andy, our Warehouse Manager. We really mean it when we say quick though! He's always on the go and has something to do. Here's what he could fill us in on as we raced around the warehouse with him! 

Andy, far right

(Andy, far right, and the rest of the Aspace team)

What does a typical day at Aspace involve for you Andy?

I start work bright and early every day at 7am, although sometimes it’s even earlier if we have big deliveries coming in, or lots of orders prepare for customers. I quality control all new products coming in, which involves building all the items, I prepare customer orders and I make sure the warehouse is always clean, tidy and running smoothly… there’s always lots to do!

What’s your favourite part of your job?

There’s never a quiet moment. The warehouse lends itself to all other areas of the business, customer service, marketing and deliveries. My days always fly by because there’s always something to get done!

How do you make sure every customer experiences great service?

Whilst I do the typical tasks that happen in any warehouse… driving a forklift, stock counts and general maintenance, we pay huge attention to detail too. If a piece of furniture needs touching up for a customer, it can be a very delicate job. Plus, I hand sign my name to every order I put together, so the customer knows exactly where their new piece of furniture has come from.

What is your favourite Aspace product and why?

My favourite products are anything in the Porterhouse range. They’re super easy to put together and because they’re beautiful natural oak, you don’t have to do very much to them to keep them looking great.

And finally…

Tea or Coffee? I love a cup of tea.

Day or Night? Daytime.

Inside or Outside? Outside, especially when it’s sunny

Top Bunk or Bottom Bunk? Bottom bunk

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