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Play / 18 Dec 2015 / by James

Childrens Playroom Ideas

The biggest issue a parent will have when helping their child create a playroom space is exactly that - space!

With the amount of toys, books, pencils and paper that will inevitably accumulate in any playroom, having the right amount of space to play and learn can be difficult to overcome. As such, organisation is of vital importance when considering any playroom ideas.

Starting with the creation of an area for children to store, throw, hide, file, display, chuck or shove their favourite playroom items into is definitely the way to go. Not only will this allow for extra space for activities, but it will look good too, and with a variety of designs, colours and functions available, these versatile pieces will suit any children’s playroom theme. And they are just as fun for kids!

Find the perfect playroom companion in the Brighton Storage System, complete with combinations of shelves, drawers and a chalkboard.  If you’re after something a bit simpler, a shelving or roll out storage unit might be the answer you’re looking for. There are plenty of brightly coloured options to play around with, and with a space to show off their most prized possessions, the kids are sure to love them too.

Once the camouflaging of clutter is taken care of, the real fun can begin! Make sure you include a place for them to colour and draw, whether this is a small desk or a playroom table complete with four chairs for little visiting critics.

Having an area dedicated to reading or relaxing is essential to include in their space. Make it as comfortable as possible with bean bags and little sofas, or how about the best of both worlds with a Bean Chair? Comfy and decorative in one, these are a great playroom addition to the ‘quiet’ area, for when the pandemonium settles and its hot chocolate time.

Add a splash of creative flare with some wall murals for a fun and interactive environment. Our favourites for a playroom would definitely be the Blackboard Wall Stickers, for pre-mounted art that can be changed at will, and the Alphabet Wall Stickers for colourful learning. For more wall art ideas, see our Top 5 Wall Murals post here.

If drawing on the wall (even if it is allowed!) makes you shiver, find relief in the Height Adjustable Easel, complete with paint pots, a box of multi-coloured chalk, an eraser and a roll of paper. Enabling