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High Sleeper Beds for Blog Post

Product / 13 Mar 2018 / by Emily Maidment

High Beds - Everything You Need to Know

A high sleeper bed may seem a little daunting at first. While you’re little one excitedly pleads for their new bed up in the clouds, your initial thoughts may be running through the cost involved, the safety, the space they need, the complicated build. With our complete round up of the ins and outs of high beds, you will soon be able to make an informed decision about whether one is for you.

Are they safe?

Of course they are! We would never even dream about selling something that doesn’t pass the very highest of UK safety standards without flying colours – it’s just not what we do! We make sure all of our customers know the ins and out of high sleeper safety. Rule number one, children's mattresses must be specially selected for our high sleeper beds, to ensure the depth of the railings is the correct size to stop any night time topples. We don’t compromise on quality though! All of our high sleeper mattresses are just as bouncy, sumptuous and made to the same high standards to guarantee the same great night’s sleep!

Aren’t they a bit pricey?

One very important thing to remember with an Aspace high sleeper bed, it’s not just a bed! We’re all about beautiful yet practical design, which is why our high sleepers are available with comfy futons or beautiful day beds - great for cosying up with a good book or inviting friends over to stay. Or if space is a little tight, incorporating a desk or wardrobe into your high sleeper is a great way to make the most of your little one’s bedroom, in terms of budget and physical size! 

Will I need to be an expert to put it together?

You might need to rope a family member or two in to help, and you’ll want to have your toolbox close to hand, but it’s certainly no harder to a DIY job you would have conquered in the past. If you prefer to be the one supervising, tea and biscuits in hand then why not add on our assembly service. We’ll be able to pop a high sleeper up in no time (or any of our furniture for that matter!) for only a small extra cost, position it exactly as you want it to be, and we’ll even take all the rubbish away so you’re left to enjoy your beautiful new bedroom.


Still scratching your head over something? We’ve got a wealth of knowledge when it comes to little one’s bedrooms, so why not pick up the phone, 0800 021 9015 or drop us an email to enquiries@aspace.co.uk and we’ll get back to you in a flash to answer all your queries.