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Bed Buying Guide for Children's Beds

Bed Buying Guide for Children's Beds

When it comes to buying a bed for your child, the process can be quite daunting. As a parent, you want to ensure that the bed you buy is suitable for your child’s sleep and development.

At Aspace, our customer services team has a combined experience of more than 20 years’ helping parents choose the right bed for their child. We receive questions from parents which include;

At what age can my child sleep in a high sleeper bed?

What bed design would you suggest for a small bedroom?’

How long should my child’s bed last?

Some of the questions will have a straight-forward answer, but other answers will need to take into consideration the layout of the room, the age of the child and the style of the bed that you’re interested in. Some beds are designed for specific ages, while others will only fit certain size rooms.

While it’s difficult to point you to one specific bed, we can help you narrow down your selection and make a shortlist for a more informed decision. A good bed is an investment and we’d like to help you find the perfect one for your child.

Let’s take a closer look at the children’s beds Aspace has to offer.

Our single beds are carefully crafted from quality solid wood. With a seven-year guarantee, you can be confident that our beds are designed to stand the test of time. We recommend our single beds for children aged two and upwards. Because our single beds are made from quality solid wood, they can hold the weight of an adult too – handy for when your child wants you to stay with them while they fall asleep! With the option to add one of our trundles or handy storage drawers underneath, our single beds are perfect for sleepovers or for that much needed extra storage space.

View our Single Beds.

Much like our children’s single beds, our double beds are built to last. Made from beautiful solid wood and finished in our five timeless colours, our double beds are perfect for children aged two and upwards who are wanting a bigger bed for sleeping. Compatible with our underbed storage drawers and trundle beds, our double beds offer extra space underneath for storage.

View our Double Beds.

Our daybeds are a wonderful and practical solution for a child’s bedroom. They offer a comfortable spot for children to relax during the day, while reading a book or watching the next episode of their favourite series, and a cosy spot for sleeping at night. Our daybeds make a great choice for smaller bedrooms and can turn a room into a sleepover hangout. Perfect for those aged two and upwards.

View our Daybeds.

Every child dreams of having bunk beds in their room. Bunk beds provide a wooden fort, where your child can sleep on the top bunk and the bottom bunk can be transformed into a den or hideaway. It also provides the perfect excuse for a friend to sleepover!

Bunk beds are also the ideal choice for siblings who share a room as they take-up a lot less floor space than two single beds. The added joy of our bunk beds is that they also convert into two identical single beds. A great solution if your children decide that they no longer want to share, or the arguments over the top bunk occur a little too often.

Age-wise we advise six years plus for a top bunk and 2 years plus for the lower bunk. We’d also recommend a clip-on bed light for extra illumination during bedtime reading.

View our Bunk Beds.

Cabin beds and mid sleeper beds are amazing for small spaces. Every parent wants to maximise space in their child’s bedroom, and so our cabin and mid sleepers offer the perfect storage solution. Opt for one like our brightly coloured Southside Cabin Bed which has a drawer, two spacious cupboards and a shelf for tidying away books and toys. Or choose our clever Juicy Fruits Mid Sleeper which offers space for a roll-out desk and storage.

One of the benefits of a mid sleeper over a high sleeper is that your child is not too high for a goodnight kiss.

Our cabin and mid sleepers are perfect for little ones who want to be a little higher off the floor, but not ready for a high sleeper or bunk bed. Our Southside Cabin Bed is perfect for children aged four and upwards, whereas we recommend our mid-sleepers for children aged six years plus.

View our Cabin and Mid Sleepers.

High sleepers are ideal for older children and teenagers. With desks, for those times when they need to knuckle-down and do their homework, daybeds for relaxing and futons for that all important ‘gaming chair’ and sleepovers, our high sleepers cover all possible needs in the bedroom. While they look super cool, the beds themselves are quite high up, so can be quite a daunting climb for younger children. We recommend our high sleepers for children aged six years and upwards.

View our High Sleepers.

Once you’ve decided upon your child’s bed, then come the mattress decision. But don’t worry, we have a handy mattress buying guide for you too. We’re always here to help if you would like to speak to our friendly customer services team on 0800 021 9015.