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Choosing a Mattress for Your Child

Choosing a Mattress for Your Child

Making the transition from cot to bed can be tricky for both toddlers and parents alike, never mind the additional worry about what type of children’s mattress is your best buy. If you are preparing to make the shift, and aren’t sure which mattress would be the best for your little one, then read on for our four key pieces of advice, plus information on our handy mattress selector.

You may think your focus should be on finding a quality child’s bed frame and bed sheets, and while of course we’re not dismissing their importance, but a mattress is equally a vital decision too. When it comes to the bed, it is not actually the frame which is the supportive part to the body, rather it is the mattress itself. You could argue they are even one of the most important parts of a room as children spend most of the time in their beds – even know it may not feel like it sometimes! Mattresses do not only affect a child’s physical health, but also plays an essential role in their sleeping routine, building their memory, regulating their levels of stress, and altering their moods.

How does age and weight effect my decision?
Deciding on a mattress for a child requires a totally different thought process to you as an adult deciding on a new one. The Sleep Council have highlighted how growth is a major factor you should take into consideration. A child could double in height and bodyweight by the time he or she reaches their teens, outgrowing their mattress very quickly in the process. The majority of girls experience considerable growth spurts between the ages of 8 and 13 years, while most boys commonly experience their growth spurts between the ages of 10 and 15. We would advise that you upgrade to a more supportive mattress for the duration of these growth spurts, but you can bear in mind the difference in age between boys and girls when deciding whether it’s time to start shopping.

Is temperature neutrality important when selecting my mattress?
Temperature control is important for all sleepers, but especially in children who tend to be restless, wake easily during the night or are of course very hot sleepers. Natural fibres are renowned for being more breathable, and bamboo in particular has excellent natural deodorisation properties, making it great for mattress coverings.

We offer all our mattresses in a choice of three coverings, a classic blue ticking cotton, a superbly comfy white waffle and, as we mentioned, a cool, natural bamboo.

What’s best for my child’s comfort?
So, it may seem that choosing a child’s mattress is a minefield of springs and foam – but we promise you it’s not that tricky, especially not from Aspace. Ultimately, everything boils down to what is going to provide a comfortable, supportive night’s sleep for your child, and we can easily point you in the right direction in order to guarantee that. From first moving into a ‘big bed’ through to the ages of around 8 or 9 years old, we recommend an open coil mattress. We have three differing options to suit a range of budgets, but ultimately all provide a soft, relaxing snooze for little legs.

Once your child is nearing double figures, it’s time to upgrade. Their rapidly growing bodies will be in need of more support, and it’s likely your old mattress will be nearing the end of its 7 year lifespan. Here we would recommend a pocket sprung mattress. Quite simply, independent ‘pockets’ of springs respond better to restless bodies, growing limbs and they offer support where it’s needed most. Again, we have a range to suit your budget, yet all our guaranteed for five long years and ensure the deepest of slumbers.

How long will my mattress last?
Let’s be completely honest, we as parents all want things that last, and last…and last! Durability should be taken into consideration when purchasing a mattress. Not only will this mattress be subject to gymnastics, pretend battles and occasionally be turned into a slide. It will also have spills to contend with plus the occasional late night accident and a whole host of other small disasters waiting to happen.

All of our mattresses have been designed by our experts to cope with the hurly burly of family life. Plus, with some easy care your mattress such as regular turning and quick cleaning should any accidents happen, your mattress should last seven years.

The Aspace Mattress Selector
Depending on your bed type, for example if you’re shopping for mattresses for bunk beds or a high sleeper, you may need to purchase a raised bed or trundle mattresses. Don’t worry, just because these are slightly different it doesn’t mean they’re any lesser quality! In order to ensure you’re purchasing the correct sized mattresses for your shiny new Aspace bedroom set, why not use our handy mattress selector tool to take a look at what we recommend.

Alternatively, if you’re still scratching your head over children’s mattresses, book a consultation with our expert advisers and we’ll talk you through your specific needs, alternatively, call us now on 0800 021 9015.