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Trends / 06 Aug 2019 / by Chloe Lockyer

Creative Bedroom Ideas For Boys

Creating a bedroom for a boy is about making a space which both reflects their personality and suits their practical needs. It is a room which both you and them should be proud of. 

Of course, there are numerous styles you can opt for, from the obvious hues of blue, to a braver combination of rainbow colours. Let's not forget the options you have when it comes to choosing furniture!

This sounds dauting, but fear not! Keeping practicality at the forefront of your design and purchases will keep you on the right track. Continue reading to discover more of our top tips...

Mastering storage:

Storage is a great place to start when designing a boy's room. Of course, you need to first consider the space you are working with and plan how to get the most out of it. 

If you have a smaller space, a bed which compliments this is a must-have. As noted by Jennifer Ebert on Ideal Home online, 'by opting for a cabin bed, you can add in a little extra storage which your child will be able to easily reach even whilst they’re still little.'

We are particularly proud of our Southside cabin bed for its sleek design and functional features, something Jennifer couldn’t agree with more, noting how 'the glossy red bed, also available in lime green and navy blue, is perfect for a room that’s short on space', as the Southside even has an exposed shelf for tucking away books after story time or any toys left out from a day spent playing. 

Southside cabin bed

Shop the Southside Cabin Bed. 

For a younger boy, a bunk bed is a great way to maximise the space, taking advantage of the height in a room. Having the option to split a bunk into two identical single beds will save you having to repurchase a bed (or two) any time soon; if bunking ever stops being cool that is. For a boys bedroom, we love the Winchester bunk in natural beech for its classic style complimentary to any bedroom design.

Winchester bunk bed

Shop the Winchester Bunk Bed

A high sleeper will too help you to make the most of your space. Our Warwick range with its handy desk and futon or daybed is always sat ready for whatever is next. Opting for the attractive Prussian Blue shade makes it even more perfect for a boy if you ask us!

Warwick high sleeper

Shop the Warwick Beds. 

Including clever storage to optimise the space doesn’t have to stop there. Putting storage in easy reach is sure to encourage boys to keep their room tidy, so you don't have to (or don't have to as often!). If possible, the addition of a bookcase, bookshelves or a storage unit for holding possessions make things instantly tidier, whilst keeping it all to hand.

Storage Solutions

Clockwise from top right: Hook on shelf, Mondrian Bookshelf, Roll out cube storage unit and two Milne bookcases 

If space isn’t on your side, or you simply can’t get enough of organising your boy’s possessions, adding different options such as storage bags and boxes will see you winning. These are easily moved around the room and can hold a whole host of items from toys to football kit, making them truly invaluable.

Aspace Storage

Clockwise from top right: Space jumbo bag, Sydney the sloth jumbo bag, Terrazzo tin boxes-grey, Periodic table jumbo bag and Terrazzo tin boxes-pink.

It’s best not to forget your boy's hobbies. At a younger age, saving some space for a play mat is sure to be appreciated. Through the years, this saved space can house whatever hobby takes precedence, may this be a drum set or a reading nook.

Making it personal:

It goes without saying that your boy is more likely to take care of his bedroom if he is proud and fond of the space. To achieve this, you should choose a colour scheme carefully. You can easily inject colour and life through additions including wall stickers, prints or pictures and soft furnishings, none of which are permanent. 

Bedroom Additions

Clockwise from top right: Lion print, Rockets duvet set, Robot print, Space wall stickers, Planet wall lamp and Scratch world map.

If too young to decide for themselves, keeping the more obvious aspects such as the walls a neutral shade, is your best bet for the near-future. But, if your child has clearer tastes, perhaps add colour in a more obvious way. We love the idea of painting the inside of the door, or one single wall, as a feature to inject colour and personality. Painting a smaller area is less work now and in the future, when the likelihood is your child will want it changed.

Overall, focussing on what you want from the space practically and keeping their personality in mind should see you achieve a well-loved bedroom.