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Trends / 31 Jul 2019 / by Chloe Lockyer

Creative Bedroom Ideas For Girls

A girl’s bedroom is a place of her own while she is growing up, a safe haven away from the outside world. Such a room needs to be reflective of her as an individual, to be a personal place for her to enjoy.

Yet, crafting a bedroom doesn’t come easy, with endless colour schemes and styles to consider, all dependent on the likes and dislikes of your little girl. Not to mention the ever-important items of furniture.

Of course, a bedroom needs to be flexible to accommodate your child through to their teenage years, so getting the core items right and being open-minded on the rest is definitely the key to getting it right.

Take a look at our best ideas, tips and tricks for inspiration…

Bedroom Basics and storage solutions:

It’s true that if you choose the core items well, they will stand the test of time. We suggest perhaps starting with what you think your child will first and foremost require, even in years to come, and go from there.

The bed is an obvious place to start. In younger years, children often enjoy a bunk bed, but this isn’t always practical for teenagers.

Yet, this doesn’t have to be an issue. Our bunk beds easily split into two, identical and full-size single beds, giving you the best of both worlds. We particularly love our Charterhouse range for a girl’s bedroom, with its clean lines and classic panelling, available in a choice of 5 beautiful colours.

Apsace Beds.

Clockwise from top right: Jill Bunk, Warwick High Sleeper, Winchester Bunk,  two Juicy Fruits Mid Sleepers. and Charterhouse Bunk

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It’s important to remember what works for your child and to opt for furniture you can see them still loving, to avoid having to repurchase any time soon. Our Sweetheart single bed is a great option for a girly-boudoir, having all the frills without the fuss.

Aspace Sweetheart Single Bed.

A desk of some description is important not only as a creative workspace, but also for that dreaded homework in later years. Whether you are looking for a space-saving option or something more substantial, adding a desk may just spark genius!

Aspace Desk Spaces.Clockwise from top right: Children's Writing Table, Warwick High Sleeper , Tessera Stepped Desk and Children's Pedestal Desk.

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Up next are those clever storage solutions. From chests of drawers to wardrobes to blanket boxes, storage will never go amiss. Of course, you must go with not only what works for your space, but what works for your little one also, perhaps keeping that growing clothing or toy collection in mind! We are particularly proud of our Belvoir wardrobe, for its ample storage space and grown-up-glamour design which your child is sure to love!  

Aspace Storage Solutions.

Clockwise from top right: Charterhouse Toy Box, Charterhouse 2+2, Sweetheart Bedside Cabinet, Belvoir Wardrobe and Charterhouse 3+2 Chest of Drawers.

Adding Interest:

Now this is the fun part! There really are no rules when it comes to decorating a room, so here you have free reign! Of course, you and your daughter will want the décor to change as tastes and trends do in years to come, so we suggest accessories which can easily be altered.

A great option here is using wall stickers, which are as easy to apply as they are on the eye! Added to a more neutral wall, they are perfect for injecting some colour and personality. What’s better, they are removed without a trace, for when tastes do change, a much better option than wallpaper (if we do say so ourselves!).

Aspace Wall Stickers.


Clockwise from top right: Multi-Coloured Polka dots, Dinosaurs and Ballerinas.


Framed prints and notice boards can project personal interest and display helpful reminders.  Making a gallery wall or lining prints up along a picture shelf fills an uninspiring space in no time and is sure to delight your little one.

If it is more of a neutral theme you are opting for, prints can still be used to emphasise this, simply opt for more minimal styles.

Aspace Picture Frames and Notice Board.

Clockwise from top right: Elephant Notice Board, Elephant Print, Height Chart Wall Sticker, Lion Print, T-Rex Print and Triceratops Print

What’s more, soft furnishings can be utilised for an added injection of colour or comfort, or even both! Layers of blankets, quilts and cushions will always be inviting thanks to their cosy nature, helping you to achieve a multi-purpose space.

Aspace Soft Furnishings.

Clockwise from top right: Reversible-Chloe, Silly Sausage Dog, Pink Roses, Gingham, Reversible- Flint and Silly Sausage Cushion.

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Regardless of what style you opt for, keeping practicality and your child’s personality at the forefront of your plans should set you on the right path.