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Dear Aspace, Love The Chapman Family

Dear Aspace, Love The Chapman Family

When a love letter drops on your doorstep, everyone knows the first thing a girl does is run to share it with her best friend. So here we are, talking to you, our Aspace friends and family, excited to have received such a lovely email from The Chapman family that we just have to share.

We so often hear lovely things about our products when we speak to customers, a child’s bedroom and play space is a huge part of growing up after all. And after being exactly that for this family, we couldn’t help but feel all warm and fuzzy when we heard The Chapman’s Aspace story.

– – –

“Dear Aspace,

We recently had an email from you guys asking to share photos of our much loved Aspace belongings. As can happen in the busyness of family life I think I managed to delete it!

Aspace has had such a big and positive impact on our family life, even as our children have grown and changed, that we wanted to send in some photos for you all to see.

Your Aspace furniture has taken many forms as we have changed houses and the kids have changed rooms over the years. What I totally love about your furniture is that it always looks great, it wears so well, you can move it in so many combinations and to my mind it never dates – no matter my children’s ages or the current fashion!

So we are always happy to wave a flag to Aspace. It definitely is a-space to live life, have adventure and collapse at the end of the day!

Thank you for many happy years of family fun, happy chaos. For always having a place to put things and somewhere the kids are happy to lay their heads at the end of every day.

Love The Chapman family x”