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Play / 30 Nov 2015 / by James

What does your childs favourite colour say about them?


Colour will shape your little one's world from a very young age. Every child's development differs but it's said that at eighteen months, your child will begin to register different colours along with shapes and textures, and will start to be able to say the name of colours from the age of three. They may develop very strong preferences towards certain shades, which can influence everything from getting dressed in the morning to decorating their bedroom!

Many children will pick their favourite colour and carry it through to their adult life, but for some, it may change on a regular basis depending on their evolving taste, mood or popular culture - Spongebob yellow or Frozen blue, anyone?  

Interestingly, experts claim that our favourite colours can give an insight into our personalities. What each colour means exactly is subjective, though author and colour theorist Faber Birren said, “It is possible to make fairly accurate judgments about the meaning of color preferences and their revelations of personality traits.”

Take a look at our fun guide below and see if any of these are true to your little ones!

  • Those who are drawn to red are said to live life to the full, and do everything with passion and determination! For this individual, adventure is never too far away.
  • Yellow is bright, happy, cheery and full of sunshine – much like those who are said to favour this particular colour! Lovers of yellow are apparently very consistent and logical in their approach.
  • Associated with romance, affection and innocence, pink is a perennially popular pick for little girls, and illustrates a world filled with princesses, pretty flowers and ballerinas.
  • Grassy Green is a colour that is closely associated with nature, and those who like it are said to be loyal, constant and sociable.
  • Purple is the colour of somebody very artistic, creative and unique, with a sensitive nature.  
  • Zesty Orange is a vibrant and energetic colour. The orange-lover is also sociable, well-liked and easy to get along with!
  • The colour of the sky and the sea, blue is also closely related to nature – and is said to be the most popular ‘favourite colour’ in the world. It’s said to symbolise peace, loyalty and trust, while those who like it are thought of as hard working and reliable.

Colour preferences can cause a tussle when it comes to decorating, but it’s easy to find an even ground by adding accents of their favourite colours through fun accessories such as cushions, clocks, wall stickers and more. Take a look at our Accessories section here for inspiration!

More fun facts about colours

-          The tradition of pink for girls and blue for boys didn’t arise until the 20th century – in fact, it used to be the other way round!

-          Cats, mice, rats, rabbits, and dogs have little or no colour vision.

-          Poetry experts claim that nothing rhymes with the words ‘orange’ or ‘purple’.

-          In Aztec times, red dye was thought to be more valuable than gold!