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Getting Back To It: Re-Establishing Your Family Routine After Christmas

Getting Back To It: Re-Establishing Your Family Routine After Christmas

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For family households, one of the downsides to the Christmas holidays is the havoc it can wreak with family routines, making the return to normal life post-Christmas that little bit harder. If this sounds all too familiar, we’re offering up some handy hints on how to prepare for yet another routine change before it’s time to get back into the swing of school and work.

Reorganise bedroom space

An inevitable part of Christmas is trying to find new homes for gifts. This often requires reorganising bedrooms to accommodate new toys and more. While this isn’t likely to be a job you relish, getting a handle on clutter before normal life resumes post-Christmas could save you some time and stress on that first frantic week.
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The key here is to ensure you have ample storage space in your kid’s bedroom to keep everything easily accessible yet organised. Investing in a durable Charterhouse bed frame with room underneath for extra storage boxes or underbed storage drawers will help your child to sleep better, while providing plenty of room to stow their things neatly. Paired with a spacious wardrobe and drawers combo and matching toy box, you can make sure everything has its rightful place.

Getting organised is crucial for a smooth back to school transition. Taking a little time during the Christmas break to prepare your child’s bedroom will mean you’ll all feel ready to head back on that first day in January. You could even enlist the help of your little ones by getting them to pack their school bag in advance or helping them to lay out their clean school uniform so it’s ready to pop straight on with minimal fuss. This will not just save you a lot of time, but can also get your kids into the right frame of mind for the impending school routine.

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When it comes to mastering changing routines post-Christmas, it’s all about starting the transition as early as you can. That way, there won’t be such a shock to the system when back to school and work comes around. This all means you and your little ones will be fully-prepped and ready to tackle the new routine with ease.

Fuel their imagination

One of the amazing things about kids is their vivid imagination and creativity. Whether it’s playing make believe games or creating a visual masterpiece, there are very few limits to where their minds can wander. And as term time looms ever closer over the holidays, it could be a good idea to fuel this part of their brain ready, ensuring their feeling fresh and inspired for the return to the classroom.

One idea is to give their bedroom a mini update with fresh decorative touches that will help to revitalise their imagination, while also creating a fun space for them to conjure up all kinds of ideas and adventures. This could be a unicorn haven, a dinosaur-filled jungle or a space station, whatever they’re into, look to add a few stylish trinkets to give their room an updated theme.

Obviously, many family households will still be feeling the pinch after Christmas spending splurges, so it doesn’t have to be anything costly or big. Small, inexpensive and simple additions can work wonders in elevating their bedroom decor and making the whole room feel like a brand new adventure playground that’s begging to be explored. This could be some new bedroom lighting around their bed or a cute floor rug for them to play on with their new toys. Other easy options also include adding some fresh pictures or wall hangings of their favourite toys or even a funky new duvet set. The key is to find something you know that they’ll love to give their room a new lease of life, all while stimulating their amazing little brains in time for school.

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Get back to normal bedtime

With so much excitement in the build up to Santa’s long-awaited visit and the late nights that accompany the festivities throughout the holidays, it’s hardly surprising that usual bedtime routines go out the window.

Of course, this is all part of the fun of the holidays. But with no school or work routine to stick to, come the first week of January, you may find yourself grappling to get kids back into their usual regime.

To help ease the transition, we’d recommend trying to stick to their usual bedtime as much as possible. When this isn’t feasible, don’t sweat it. Have a specific date in mind, ideally a week before the back to school bell chimes, to start getting back into set bedtimes. Making this effort early should help little ones (and you) adjust back with minimal fuss.

Reinstate wind down time

Whether it’s new toys, sugary treats or general merriment, it doesn’t take much for little ones to get worked up, particularly around Christmas. So as part of getting back into set bedtimes, don’t forget to reinstate winding down time before they go to sleep.

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Take the time to relax as a family after they’ve been fed and watered, allowing them to calm down and get in the right mindset for a restful night’s sleep. There are no rules as to what you do with them, other than making sure the activities aren’t too overstimulating.

Whether you snuggle up on the sofa and read a story, tackle a tricky puzzle, simply sit down for a natter or give them a warm, relaxing bath, the key is to make this time all about winding down and chilling out before going to bed. To get the best night’s sleep, make sure that your child has the mattress they require. It needs to be supportive and comfortable to get the optimum result of an undisturbed night. All of Aspace’s mattresses are covered by their super five year guarantee, so you too can get your 40 winks!

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