How To Create A Gender Neutral Bedroom

Every year more and more parents are stripping back their children’s rooms to remove all gender cues in favour of gender-neutral designs so that children can develop and create their own identities.

Whether you like it or not, pink for girls and blue for boys is now widely considered to be old fashioned. Everything from colour schemes, to furniture and even toys, are being reassessed to establish how gender-bias they can be. The world is shifting focus and we are turning to designs that empower and encourage our children to be themselves.

Gender-neutral bedrooms inspire freedom of expression and creativity. By having a gender-neutral room it allows your child to find what really interests them whilst also encouraging them to try new things. By providing a safe environment for your little ones, they can explore their full range of interests and preferences freely.

The year 2020 has seen a surge in demand for gender-neutral designs. Whether this is because more siblings are sharing rooms, or people are waiting to find out the sex of their baby until the birth, many are avoiding stereotypical décor and some just want their designs to be timeless. Whatever the reason is for this new trend, it is here to stay.

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There are lots of ways you can decorate a bedroom in a gender-neutral style that boys and girls will still love! Don’t worry, you don’t have to play safe with dull browns and lifeless creams, with gender-neutral rooms colour is key!

Try to avoid those baby pinks and blues and instead choose from a wider range and go for a more varied colour pallet. You can even get inspired from the colours of the rainbow; a massive trend right now is neutral rainbows.

Gender-neutral colours are becoming ever more popular, with orange and grey taking leading roles. But if you’re looking for something a bit more subtle then deep blue, often mixed with greens and oranges, is a popular choice for creating a happy bright space for your child. Pantone’s colour of the year ‘Classic Blue’ can easily be incorporated into a colour scheme like this to create a gender-neutral room. Additionally, dark walls aren’t only for adults. Utilising darker paint, even just on one of the walls can look very stylish and cool in children’s rooms too! By being more experimental and open with a wider range of colours means that you can shop further afield when it comes to accessories!

When choosing your furniture, you should look for clean and straight-cut designs but also look for sleek looks to make sure that your bedroom keeps that timeless look.

Our Charterhouse collection offers grand panelling detail on the head and foot ends, a choice of 5 different beautiful colourways or even colour matching if you’re looking for something a bit more specific. This sturdy collection matches any amazing interior, from contemporary to vintage designs.

As we all know children win the award for accumulating as many toys as humanly possible (especially over Christmas), along with other belongings such as clothes, books and items from various clubs. At this stage, it is probably wise to start to think about ‘protecting’ their room from being a chaos of clutter or becoming the dreaded floordrobe! Multi-functional furniture provides plenty of storage and is key to solving this issue.

Our Southside cabin bed is ideal for storing bedroom necessities. This single raised bed delivers on quality, good looks and maximising bedroom space. With two roomy built-in cupboards for storing toys, a spacious drawer for bed linen and a handy shelf for prized possessions, this cabin bed offers plenty of storage for your child’s needs! With modular shelving available to mix and match, you can create a fun and unique space that your child will love.

A great way of adding character to your gender-neutral décor is to make full use of non-furniture items and art! Very popular right now is the use of wall murals, but if you didn’t want to take it that far a cute drawing or even some form of the alphabet will add that finishing touch.

When looking for accessories for your gender-neutral kid’s bedroom, you should look for a variety of different items. Fun storage solutions, such as animal baskets are perfect, or a funky night light can really stand out.

The more recent trend of all things Scandinavian is brilliant for achieving that gender-neutral look. Accessories in this style seem more abstract and have a geometric style to them which inspires creativity and curiosity. Maps, animals, machine models, and books are all gender-neutral. These items can double up as stunning décor as well as being educational. Have a go yourself and send us your creations on Instagram by tagging @AspaceFurniture and using the hashtag #AspaceStyle.


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Séverine, or Séve for short, is a French national that moved to the UK from 27 years ago! She has 2 “just-about” grown-up children and has been working for the children’s furniture industry for over 20 years!
When someone asks her what she does for a living, she says: “I sell the best bunk bed in the UK”! And she can do it well with such a wealth of experience! She likes nothing more than a beautiful, sturdy piece of children’s furniture that will last a life-time! When she is not busy helping her community and village charities, Séve loves nothing more than to create some French-Anglo dishes for her friends and family! She has even been known to feed over 100 guests at charity event runs!