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Ideas for keeping the kids busy this half term.

Seven Ideas for Keeping the Kids Busy in the Half Term Holidays.


Half-term is a great time to reconnect with the children and spend some quality time together, but as many parents know, it can be a challenge to find ways to get the kids off the sofa and away from the TV or their iPads during the school holidays.
If you want to make the most of some time off together, we've rounded up a few of our favourite ideas to help your planning.


Go on a discovery walk - half term activities with the kids


Discover – Go on a Discovery Walk – Challenge your children to hunt for leaves, feathers, petals, cobwebs, or sticks (why the sticks?) They might choose to sort the objects as you go, or you could help them to categorise them by grouping them by colour, shape, or pattern.

Move – An indoor obstacle course is always a win. Is there any better game than the floor is lava? Throw a few cushions on the floor and anyone who touches the carpet loses. See who can make it from one room to another without touching the floor. (Navigating the stairs here is always entertaining!)

Play – an integral part of kids learning, there’s no one better than the wonderful Play Hooray  for play ideas with little ones at home.

Reading in Bed - Half term activities with children

Read – Snuggle up in bed, under a blanket, or make a den under a table, use a torch and voila, it’s not so boring anymore, is it?

Writing with children - half term activities with the kids

Write – Children are more likely to engage in writing if it has a purpose. Make a card for a relative, make tickets for a pretend show, or a menu for your homemade café (and don’t forget novelty pens and paper too!)

Cooking with the children this half term ideas

Eat – one of our favourite pastimes here at Aspace, get your cook on. Flapjacks are particularly easy – and tasty too! BBC Good Food has a great recipe, using only 4 ingredients).

Half Term Sleepover Ideas for Children

Sleepovers -  Kids entertaining kids is the BEST type of entertainment, isn't it?. Invite a friend or two over, make their bedroom, playroom or lounge all snuggly and cosy, throw in some popcorn, some beauty bits or some small world activities, sit back and relax.

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