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Trends / 19 Feb 2020 / by Holly Hudson

Investing In Your Child's Furniture

When it comes to doing up your child's bedroom, deciding what furniture you need can be a daunting experience. Kids use their bedrooms for all sorts of activties - sleeping, playing, studying, gaming - the list goes on! The best investments are ones that last.

Children grow quickly and by investing in pieces that evolve as they do, you ensure they are set up well into their teenage years. Whether you're kitting out a bedroom for a young child or redecorating for a teen, we're brimming with kids' bedroom ideas which will save you money in the long-term.

Invest in versatility:

In the UK last year, we threw away over 300,000 tonnes of furniture. To help save the environment (and the money in your bank account) why not consider purchasing key furniture pieces for your child's bedroom that are designed to last for years to come. For example, you could invest in a Charterhouse Bunk Bed, which can be assembled into two identical single beds. While they are little, keep the beds as singles and when they are a bit older and want to share a room, you can assemble the beds into a bunk, creating two different bedroom set ups. 

Charterhouse Bunk Bed

Consider purchasing the core pieces for your child's bedroom as you would invest in staples like the perfect winter coat or coffee machine for the home.

Create Space:

A kid’s room is their retreat. They’ll sleep, eat, study, and play in that room like it’s their own special playground. By dedicating corners of the room for separate activities, it virtually creates a bigger space than what you may think – with more opportunity for the fun stuff.

Think about how the space will be used as your child grows. Consider multi-functional furniture for storing toys, which doesn't take-away floor space, or a trundle bed for when little guests come to stay. By adopting these unassuming, yet adaptable storage solutions, you can redeem space for the important things, such as a dedicated study zone, a play corner, and reading nook.

Charterhouse Daybed

Pictured: Charterhouse Day Bed in Prussian Blue.

Lastly, make it fun! 

A bed, a bedside, a wardrobe, a desk can live in your child’s room until they are ready to leave home for university. Choose investment pieces which are timeless in colour and design, so you can work around them for years to come. 

Investing in furniture that allows for a blank canvas means that you can play with colour, texture and prints through accessories, adapting to your child's interests as their taste changes.

Some pieces will even have the versatility for you to adapt into the shared spaces in your home, once the kids have up and left the nest, like our Charterhouse Wardrobe or double bed finding new life in your guest bedroom. Likewise, our Charterhouse daybed can be upcycled into a comfy reading nook or sofa. 

Charterhouse Wardrobe

We are proud to offer a super 7-yer guarantee on all our furniture items. This means that your Aspace bed and matching furniture can see your little one frow from the early years right into their teens.

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