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Kids’ Bedroom Ideas

Kids’ Bedroom Ideas

A child’s bedroom is never just a place for them to sleep – it’s a space for them to explore their creativity and define their personality as they grow. With their tastes constantly changing by the minute, it can be tricky to design the perfect bedroom for growing kids – but fear not! We’re here to help you with the most practical and stylish kids’ bedroom ideas. 

From storage space to décor to the perfect bed for your little one, designing a bedroom for kids might seem like a daunting task, but it’s so worthwhile when you see the joy on their face as they settle into a space that’s truly their own. So, let’s explore some children’s bedroom ideas that are sure to bring them sweet dreams!


The minimalist look offers a tidy, calm environment – perfect for good sleep hygiene! The great thing about starting minimal is that you can always add to it over time, without worrying about having to redo absolutely everything if they decide they want a little more colour in their special space.

Focus on the Furniture

The best approach to a minimalist bedroom is to focus on the furniture and finding timeless statement pieces that can do all the talking. A gorgeous antique white armoire or a stately silk white chest of drawers can be the centrepiece of the room, providing plenty of character and interest without needing to go big and bright. This creates a classic, elegant look that they’ll enjoy for many years to come.

Go Neutral

Going with neutral colours for the walls and furniture gives them a bit of extra freedom to add their own personal touches as they grow and as their personalities evolve. Bright, colourful rooms will be a delight for young ones, but as they approach adolescence you might find that they’re keen on shedding a bit of the cheery, childlike colours in their bedroom in favour of something a little more muted and sophisticated.

You don’t want to be repainting the walls every time your child has a new favourite colour – which can be pretty frequent! So, if you’d prefer to play it safe then go for neutral tones that they’ll never grow out of.

If you’re worried about the room lacking character or excitement – you can always balance out the neutral tones with bright and colourful art and décor. After all, it’s much easier to swap rainbow bedding with stripes than it is to strip down that rainbow wallpaper if they decide it’s not their style.

A minimalist, neutral bedroom is essentially a blank canvas that they can add to with their own creativity and style over time.

One good tip when going neutral is to avoid plain white walls and instead go for something a tad warmer like eggshell or antique white, or opt for a cream or beige look. Plain white walls can feel a bit cold and clinical, so instead look out for neutral shades that are warmer and ever so slightly more saturated.

Bright & Bold

On the other hand, the minimal look isn’t for everyone; outgoing and creative kids might prefer something more exciting and playful – and if that sounds like your child then primary colours are your best friend!

While of course there’s a chance they might want some redecorating once they’re teens, there’s an even bigger chance that while they’re little ones they’ll be absolutely thrilled with a colourful, characterful room that will inspire their creativity and add so much vibrant energy.

Choosing the Right Colours

You don’t have to stick to any specific theme, but it certainly helps to think about a specific colour scheme that they can enjoy for years to come. Any and every colour in every corner of the room certainly sounds fun, but remember that your children need a calming space to sleep in that’s not overstimulating. So, while there’s nothing wrong with vivid colour, it helps to take a neater approach.

Perhaps you’ll just focus on two or three bright hues to dominate the space and then build a palette for décor based on those core colours. For boy’s bedroom colours, we love blues and greens together; for girl’s bedroom colours, pink and green are an eye-catching pair; and if you’re painting a neutral bedroom, go for bright yellows and deep purples.

Incorporating Patterns

If you want a little bit of everything, you could go for polka dotted wallpaper with a white backdrop, or a cheerful painted rainbow on a bright sky-blue wall. Patterned walls can bring loads of excitement and liveliness to a space and let you play with lots of colours without getting too boisterous or garish.

So long as there’s a bit of structure and a little bit of care goes into which colours go where – there’s space for any and every colour in a child’s bedroom.

Find Furniture & Décor to Match

Find furniture and accessories that complement the bright and quirky design of the room. Go for pom-poms, colourful bunting, patterned bedding, and plenty of art on the walls! Their wardrobe and storage can be just as exciting as their décor; go for a patterned woven storage basket instead of any old boxes, or a roll-out storage unit with interchangeable coloured cubby holes. Then, add a chalkboard funstation and let their creativity run wild!

Themed Rooms

Your child’s room should be a reflection of their unique personality and interests and should be a space they can happily call their own. Themed rooms are a great idea for young ones who already know what they love! If you’re worried that they may quickly grow out of their favourite things, you can keep it simple and neutral on the walls and still pull off a great themed room through their décor; or if you think they’ll be a lifelong fan – you can go all out with artistic wallpaper and painted murals. Wall stickers and framed art are also great alternatives to wallpaper or painting as they can be easily removed when the time comes.

Here are some of our favourite kids’ bedroom ideas that boys and girls alike are sure to love:

For keen explorers

If your child is keen on geography and discovering the world, you can create a brilliant, inspiring room for your young explorer! Little nomads will absolutely love a colourful world map where they can scratch off the places they visit over the years. Pair it with a globe that can sit on their playtable or desk to help them plan their future journeys, and a world map lampshade so they can go to bed dreaming of their intrepid adventures. Focus on ocean blues and early greens for the colour scheme, and bring in natural neutrals in their furniture.

For future champions

Sporty kids will love a vivid, bright bedroom to match their energetic personalities. Stripes are always a classic go-to for a sports-inspired kids’ bedroom, and you can use their favourite team to choose a perfect colour scheme. For sporty kids that aren’t too focused on any one team, navy stripes paired with greens, reds or whites still give you that sporty vibe.

Put plenty of inspirational posters and decals on the wall and get a nice big toy box for all their precious gear! A storage tote is another great, portable solution for their kit and equipment – a good way to get them in the habit of being clean and tidy before things get too muddy and messy.

Active kids need lots of room to play, so consider space-saving furniture solutions like a high-sleeper bed, so you can maximise their floor space.

Lastly, make sure they’ve some open shelving to show off their growing medal and trophy collection!

For animal lovers

It’s hard to go wrong with a wildlife-themed room for kids! There’s so much you can do while designing a room for a budding zoologist – whether you focus on cute or cuddly or turn their room into a rainforest with some jungle wallpaper – an animal-inspired room is always a winner!

You can pick pretty much any colour scheme, but for a more natural look focus on lots of green with orange, blue, gold, yellow and darker neutrals. Get a natural woven storage basket for all their soft toys, and cover the walls with stickers or quirky prints of their favourite furry friends.

Animals make for a super versatile theme which you can make playful and childlike, or take a more sophisticated, elegant approach. You might even opt for photography instead of paintings or prints, which they’ll only appreciate more and more as they get older.

You’ll find animals in just about any accessory for kids’ bedrooms, whether it’s safari string lights, an adorable lion rug, or a duvet set covered with awesome orcas – there’s plenty of choice for animal-lovers!


While we’re talking about orca bed sheets, let’s explore another themed-room favourite – a nautical room! Like animals, a nautical room can be approached in lots of creative ways.

Whether you want to transform their room into an under-the-sea paradise with their favourite aquatic friends painted atop ocean blue walls, or something for seafarers like classic blue and white stripes with a nice big anchor symbol – an ocean-themed room creates a bubbly environment to let their imaginations loose.

You can mix in gold details for something more beach inspired, and go for silk white and taupe wooden furniture and rustic pieces to give it a classic sailboat look. Use plenty of turquoise and aqua as well as classic ocean blues, and bring in more colour variety with toys and art of their favourite undersea creatures.

A cabin bed, mid sleeper or high sleeper bed will have them truly feeling like the captain of their own ship!