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Making Memories In London

Making Memories In London


Author and podcaster, Giovanna Fletcher has devoted her whole career to talking about parenthood and what it means to be a parent. Her podcast series ‘happy mum happy baby’ is now on it’s 5th series and the latest episode involves a very special guest, it is not to be missed!

This weekend saw the Duchess of Cambridge give us a little insight into her life when she discussed her personal journey through motherhood as well as raising awareness for her landmark national survey ‘5 Big Questions on the Under Fives’ on Giovanna’s podcast. It’s evident that the Kate Middleton has a clear passion for children and especially their early years of development and even though she may be a Duchess, it appears as though Kate experiences many of the same pressures as any other parents do.

After sparking a national conversation surrounding our early years and the type of experience’s we have in them, Kate Middleton got us thinking that we should share some suggestions on how to spend some quality time with our children.

How can I spend quality time with my children?
To our surprise, London has more green areas than most other capital cities in the world?! In almost every neighbourhood in London you can find a park and as we quickly approach Spring, you couldn’t pick a more perfect time to take a family visit. Whilst there is a whole array of parks in London that exhibit play facilities for the younger ones, the quality does vary quite dramatically.

However, taking a trip down to St James’ Park is guaranteed to not disappoint! Located in central London, St James’ park is 58 acres and is renowned for its gardens, something for everyone in the family to enjoy! The stretching fields that allow the little ones to run free whilst mum and dad can cast a watchful eye whilst simultaneously basking in the spring sun. Kate Middleton explains that real quality time comes from “moments that you spend with people that are around you” and we couldn’t vision anywhere better to create these memories than a spring outing in St James’ park with the family. 

If St James’ Park isn’t tickling your fancy, then why not try a trip to L‘atalier des Chef’s and take part in one of their parent – child cooking classes! Learning this key skill whilst spending quality time with your children isn’t only a fun day out but a fantastic opportunity to connect with your little ones! At L’atalier des Chef you can get a 90-minute course for both you and your little one and afterwards you can enjoy your marvellous food creation together. Sitting down to dinner in itself is a great way to connect with one another, discussing the events of your day really helps bring that closeness! It’s so simple, you only have to buy one ticket! That’s right one ticket includes you and your child, so it doesn’t break the bank either. The best part of it all, is that you’ve both learnt a new skill that you can take home with you so that you can recrate your dishes at home, time and time again. You can even expand on your knowledge by applying the skills to different meals and explore the world of cooking together!

The city of London offers a whole host of activities for the little ones but the ones that really help you connect with each other as a family are harder to come by. However, London does offer an abundance of educational activities you can all do as a family! Places such as Kew Gardensthe Natural History Museum and the Science Museum are all great days out that possess an educational element and often require some assistance. The Natural History museum offers a whole selection of exhibitions and events through the year. Many of these change throughout the year, so that every time you go (even the adults) learn something new! Truly fun for all the whole family, after all who’s not a sucker for a dinosaur?!

Alternatively, you can stay right at home! Making time for sit down family dinners for you all to catch up every evening, or even every other evening goes a long way to feeling that family closeness. Additionally, designating a night every week to a family games night can also bring out a happier and funnier atmosphere in the home. Games night has a tendency to bring out everyone’s inner child, that’s right even you mum and dad! Are you more a classic board game family or a Wii games family. On the other hand, you could even snuggle up of an evening and enjoy a movie night all together (click here to find a list of the top 50 family movies)!

As Giovanna so rightly puts it, “It doesn’t matter who you are, what you have, or where you come from – we’re all trying to do our best with our children while continuously doubting our decisions and wondering if we’re getting it completely wrong. Talking helps unite us all,” so, lets unite and do this!