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My Toddler Is Not Sleeping - What Can I Do?

Tips and Advice for When Your Toddler Is Not Sleeping

Has your toddler recently progressed from their crib to a big kid bed? Then I’m sure you know what fun comes with the new transition, new bed, new bed sheets and most importantly a new mattress! A key factor to keep in mind is that children’s mattresses are just as important as the bed base. The classic milestone of your little ones reaching their first “big girl” or “big boy” bed should be a smooth and momentous experience for the whole family.

However, unfortunately there’s also a string of undisclosed issues that come paired with advancing your toddlers sleeping environment that you may not have been prepared for. Whether it’s the Jack-in-the-box syndrome, separation anxiety or that your children are just simply out right refusing to even go to bed. Here at Aspace we are not medical or parenting experts but we do know a lot about making bedrooms stylish and relaxing places, so we will talk about the importance of this and its significance within a bed time routine. Additionally we will also reference some sources from some real experts so as to give you some well rounded advice and hopefully tackle your toddlers sleeping troubles with sound sleeping solutions!


Reassess the routine
It has been found that toddlers thrive on a bedtime routine. A strong, consistent process at bedtimes will work wonders in helping your toddler understand that it’s time to settle down and go to sleep. Spend some time winding down and doing some calm activities, such as reading or story telling. Ensure that your routine doesn’t include too much excitement and stimulation just before bedtime as this can wake your child up again. (So no more tickle fights before bed!)

Instituting a daily bedtime routine assists in the transition from a stimulating day interacting with other people, pets, toys and screens. Meaning that by the early evening, your little one will be fed and ready for bed. It is important for your child to recognise the process of switching off and enjoying a good night’s rest in a calm and relaxed environment.

It is claimed that this method is most effective when the routine is established and most importantly maintained, so that the routine becomes a naturally instinctive journey every night for every child. However, don’t beat yourself up if you miss a few nights, routines are only too easily broken by changes such as work commitments, holidays and visitors, illness and so many other things in the busy life of a family.

No reason to be afraid of the dark
Researchers have found that children’s eyes are anatomically slightly different to adults, and that they do in fact let in more light – who knew! This research states that exposure to any bright lights before bedtime can actually throw their body clocks out of whack. To try and combat any negative effects of harsh light, we recommend having any night lights low, nearer the floor so that there is nothing shining directly into your toddlers eyes.

Here at Aspace we suggest that an hour or so before winding down for bed that parents attempt creating a softer almost cave like atmosphere around the home by utilising dimmer switches and using alternative lighting.

Charterhouse Sleepover Bed Antique White

How can Aspace help?
Aspace’s designers are parents themselves and spend their knowledge and expertise developing stylish children’s furniture and bedding that helps parents create the perfect room the whole family will love to spend time in. It’s safe to say we’ve learnt a few things along the way.

• Your child’s bedroom needs to bring a sense of pleasure and wellbeing (so your child will never want to leave it in the middle of the night). An attractively-decorated room with high quality and fun furniture will bring just this as you enter it. At Aspace we sell various ranges of children’s bedroom sets, all of which have beautiful complementary furniture.

• It’s not only adults that struggle with sleep in a cluttered and messy room. Your toddler’s room needs to be well-organised with somewhere easy, and we dare to say, fun to store clothes, toys and books. Aspace’s range of creative storage items makes it quick to tidy everything away however large or small the space is.

• The furniture needs to be well constructed and assembled so that it feels solid and safe – you know that awful feeling of a bed wobbling and the mattress creaking – just as you get up to leave having patiently waited for your toddler to doze off to sleep. All our beds, single, high sleeper and sleepover beds are built to the same exceptional quality.

• Finally, you want your toddler to stay sound asleep, waking up refreshed and ready to go again tomorrow morning. A supportive mattress covered in a high quality breathable fabric such as cotton, bamboo or cashmere will keep them cool and anti-allergy bedding designed especially for small people who toss and turn through the night is a simple investment that you will be grateful for night after night.

Why not book a consultation with us?
We can’t promise to get your toddler to sleep all night every night, but we’d love to discuss your needs. Why not book a consultation with one of our knowledgeable team members and we’d love to help you starting making your toddler’s bedroom their favourite room in the home.