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Parent To Teacher In 24 Hours - How to Homeschool

Parent To Teacher In 24 Hours - How to Homeschool

It’s not often that we experience anything quite like the COVID-19 global pandemic and with schools closing across the country, if you don’t already homeschool your children then you’re probably now faced with that reality. Homeschooling can be tough, especially when you’re just starting out. That’s why we’ve decided to put together some resources and helpful ideas for you to try at home! 

Firstly, we all need to remain calm! As parents, we already know that our children copy our behaviour and actions. So, if you openly show panic then your children are likely to react to the situation in the same way.  Whilst we all know how easy it is to say ‘don’t panic’ in reality, it is much harder than this. With the fear of loved ones becoming ill, jobs under threat and teaching our children ourselves, there are plenty of reasons to panic but as adults, we have to rise above this. We have to display leadership, positivity and guidance through this time. We have to be the ultimate role model for our children.

Now let’s not kid ourselves…these are extraordinary times. Trying to juggle child-care as well as working from home is quite a talent. It’s important that we are there for our children, not just physically but mentally. These are going to be challenging times and we all need to be there for one another. If your children have questions then make sure you make time for them and that you are reassuring them in these confusing times.

With our new social spacing rules put in place, we shouldn’t have to worry about coronavirus affecting our children’s education any further. So, what can we do outside of school premisses to keep our children productive and entertained?

For homeschoolers, the world really is our oyster with lots of options on offer for physical education! Firstly, we have to remember that our PE doesn’t have to look like traditional PE as we know it. The current climate means that we have to ‘think outside of the box’ and there is no better time to start!

Joe Wicks, also known as the body coach, has come up with an online PE lesson every weekday at 9am for our little ones. This is such an amazing idea for so many reasons. It takes place on YouTube so it is virtual, meaning we can all take part without breaking any social spacing rules. What’s better, you can access it from near enough anywhere in the world.  It’s hard to feel like you’re alone in this pandemic, but instead, we can take part in an online community. Joe Wicks has not only come up with a way for our children to stay physically fit but also mentally in this uncertain time.

Book club?
Children enjoy books too! There’s nothing like a good book to pass the time. Why not dig out one of your old childhood favourites for them or start a book series together. Reading together can then allow for you to both discuss your thoughts and opinions on the books. Sharing your thoughts on books can make it so much more fun as well! That’s why Biblionasium is such a great website for the little ones. This online ‘book club’ allows children to connect with their friends, and teachers, to track their reading and you can even set up a virtual bookshelf! Built with children in mind this website doesn’t only offer the best books but also gives the opportunity for children to be social in the current situation. 

Alternatively, this doesn’t have to be an online or virtual activity. Setting a designated time every night to have a family book club or a reading hour can really help with a bedtime routine and gives the kids something to look forward to every night. Our Warwick with bookcase is the perfect piece of children’s furniture to create that cosy reading corner set up! Showcasing a built-in bookcase, in just an arms reach you can grab one of their favourite bedtime stories and read to your (and their) heart’s content.

Additionally, the National Geographic Kids Book Club is a great site for the little ones to use too! This website allows children to earn rewards or badges, so they have something to work towards and gives them the main goal, keeping them focused and motivated. This too has a social aspect where you can comment on the ‘board’ and share your favourite books.

At Aspace, we have the perfect desk to stack all of your child’s non-virtual books on! Our elegant revision desk offers a built-in bookcase that displays all of the wonderful books they’ve read, and they can be proud of it in their own bedroom! With its classic look and timeless design, this desk will look great and serve a real purpose in any child’s room.

Science Club?
What child doesn’t love science? Experiments, explosions, and Bunsen burners! Well, there is a whole host of science sites that will keep the kids entertained for hours. Sciencekidz is great in the way that it offers fun and easy experiment ideas, fun facts, free lesson plans, online gaming and quizzes. With an extremely easy website to navigate, left to their own devices children could be here for hours on end.

Another great science-oriented online club is NASA Kids Club. Predominately aimed at the younger ones, this website is jam-packed with science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) learning! Additionally, if your child is interested in these areas then Engineering for Kids is brilliant for slightly older children. It has homeschooling tools and lessons for the classroom at home and it offers education for children on anything from aerospace to robotic software.

Extracurricular activities
Generally, children love animals, and whilst it isn’t really part of school or part of your homeschooling plans, it should be. Project Noah is great for any nature/animal lover, it provides an online community in which little ones can become ‘citizen scientists’. By learning about nature and the wildlife, it allows children to create their own journal in which the can record any animals they see. This is a great activity for that evening walk! It can even be turned into a competition between siblings to add a fun factor.

One piece of furniture that can help showcase all of these activities and help your children be proud of their homeschooling achievements is our Milne bookcase. Not only for books, but a bookcase can also help show off trinkets, trophies and a whole host of other things! Bookcases offer the chance to show off whatever you like and let your personality shine through what you choose to display! This could be their animal journal, a science project or even their favourite cuddly toy. The opportunities are truly endless with our Milne bookcase.

This blog has just scratched the surface in online tools and activities that we can all use to aid us during this difficult time. It is important that we keep our children busy and their minds sharp. Of course, we could let them just watch Kidzbop all day long but where’s the educational element to that? By putting in that bit of effort we hope that our children will see the end of this in great physical and mental health.