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Real Homes Interview With Instagram Influencer Faye Gooding

Real Homes Interview With Instagram Influencer Faye Gooding

Type of home: Converted Barn.

Who lives here? Instagram influencer @mother_of_five_boys Faye Gooding with her husband Matt and their five sons; Ralph, Judah, Hunter, Jasper and Freddie.

Room: Boy’s Bedroom

Can you tell us a little more about the room and how it is used?
This room is for my second eldest Judah. All my boys love a sleepover in each other’s rooms so the bunkbeds were a must have!

What was your inspiration behind the décor?
We wanted to create a fun and grown-up bedroom for Judah. He loves spending time on the beach near to where we live, so it seemed apt to create a feature wall using nautical blue and white stripes. Judah chose the colour of his bedroom furniture – dark grey – as he wanted the scheme to be timeless.

What does Judah love best about his room?
His favourite thing in the world is Lego, so having plenty of floor space for building makes him very happy.

How did you make sure Judah’s personality was incorporated into the design?
Judah enjoys and needs ‘alone time’. He spends a lot of time in his bedroom so together we chose light colours which would make the room feel bright and spacious. We also wanted to create something different and fun, so we hand-painted the horizontal stripes. They took a lot longer than expected but luckily it worked out and we are so pleased with the results.

What’s your top tip for parent’s looking to design a boy’s bedroom? How did you create a fun design which feels grown-up?
I would say stick to light colours. Boy’s bedrooms are generally quite messy so I think dark walls would make it unbearable! Ask the child what they would like. It was quite easy for me to get carried away with my ideas, but it was important for it to feel like Judah’s bedroom.


Which Aspace products would you recommend?
I love all Aspace products, but I definitely would recommend the bunkbeds. We have had a few over the years, they are so sturdy and being able to turn them into two single beds is amazing!

And finally, what makes a happy home for you?
I love lots of natural light, calm light colours and great outdoor spaces. My favourite time though is getting cosy when its pouring with rain outside.

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