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Rooomy’s Top Five Aspace Children's Beds - Guest Post

Rooomy’s Top Five Aspace Children's Beds - Guest Post

After editing Rooomy for two years, I am aware that all parents sing the same merry tune, or should I say, shout the same rant?  “I NEED MORE SPACE”!  

In order to keep your child’s room looking good, it is crucial you make the most of the space you have, but even more importantly, your child needs to be able to play in there and have a lot of fun. Our mantra at Rooomy is that a child’s bedroom needs to be their own personal Neverland, they want to escape, play and explore in this space, as well as getting a good night’s sleep (this is just as important for the adults!). This means the room needs to be clutter free and all space available needs to reach its full potential.

A key piece of furniture that can play a big part in the how the space is used is your child’s bed. And once they move into a big kid’s bed, that might stay put until they leave home. Making a good choice will serve you well in years to come. Aspace beds are built to such a high standard, ticking that all important longevity box. Personally, as a sociable family we know we need extra sleeping space; kids stay over a lot and this is not going to change for many years. Therefore, I prefer a bunkbed, and preferably one with a trundle; three beds in one, wonderful! The Charterhouse Bunkbed is the perfect example. 

However, I fully appreciate bunk beds can divide our readers, some people really don’t like changing that top sheet, and if that sounds like you, then the Charterhouse Day Bed is ideal.  This style works perfectly as a cosy kid’s bed thanks to the three high sides, the trundle provides the extra space for sleepovers, and as they transition into their teen years, the bed can work more like a sofa, providing a great seating space to chill with friends.

These options free up floor space for you to introduce bookshelves or storage units, if you go for the below Aspace units, you have the extra bonus that they are easily moveable.

Sometimes moving furniture around is enough of a refresh for the kids, without having to redecorate. The other advantage with these cubed looks is that you can really bring your own style by dressing them with storage baskets; this can bring loads of personality into the room and keep the space tidy. You can have playful baskets like these from Bobby Rabbit or browse Instagram and Pinterest for loads more ideas; I have seen pom poms, glitter, monochrome and loads more.

If floor space is limited and extra sleeping space is not a concern, then a cabin bed is a great option, allowing you to merge bed and storage, perfect for a compact living space. The Southside Cabin Bed is a super stylish solution, the bed is not too high, making the most of wall space for shelving and art, and this doesn’t cut down the perceived height of the room as a bunkbed does. I particularly like the mix of open and closed storage space. Let’s be honest, things are not always put away, they’re chucked for the purpose of speed and needing to get back to the task at hand, PLAYING, so when our kid’s things can be put behind a closed door – it’s a quick win for tidiness.  But the little open shelf is perfect for regularly used items, maybe a few pictures or to show off a trophy, and from an aesthetic point of view it stops the bed from looking like it’s placed on top of a stack of boxes.

Should you be in the dilemma of needing ALL of the above, storage solutions are king, but if you also know extra sleeping space is going to be necessary from time to time, then you are going to want to look into a bed like the Juicy Fruit mid-sleeper. Add moveable storage underneath, so that it can be rolled out, and then purchase a bundle bed that can be rolled out underneath, creating a makeshift bunkbed, and the sleepover is sorted, phew.

Finally, the Warwick High Sleeper offers a few great options for making the most of space; you can select either a second bed, or a study space or bookshelves, a very versatile design which you can adapt to suit your needs.

I loved my bed as a kid, did you? I had a cabin bed which had a few shelves on once side, then a pull out at one end which doubled as a desk, but also meant I could crawl right up under my bed, it was basically a built in den and I played in their all the time with my friends, happy memories. Tell me, what kind of bed would you buy for your seven-year-old self? Maybe a biplane like this from Circu.

If you have any kids’ interiors enquiries please get in touch here and for a regular dose of inspiration and giveaways, why not subscribe to Rooomy Magazine. Not only is it full of brilliant ideas and advice from professional interiors designers, who specialise in children’s bedrooms, it is completely free; and of course we’d never share your information with anyone else. 

Good luck decorating one of the most fun rooms in the family home and send or tag us in your picture, we love to see what you create.

Written by Rachel Burns