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Aspace Sleepover Trundle Beds

Product / 21 Feb 2018 / by Emily Maidment

Be Sleepover Ready With An Aspace Trundle Bed

Having little guests over to visit shouldn't send you into a cold sweat, with one of our premium quality wooden trundle beds tucked up your sleeve, you can sleep easy, as can your children's friends on a stylish yet practical wooden trundle or truckle bed. 

What is a Trundle Bed? 

A trundle bed, quite simply put is a roll out sleepover bed. In a wooden frame which sits atop castors our trundles roll in and out from underneath your child's permanent bed with ease.  

However, just because a trundle is normally out of sight in the bedroom, it doesn't mean we've put quality out of mind. These beds have been designed with the same care and attention as all our other children's furniture to ensure a quality night's sleep no matter what. Our trundle beds come in colour varieties to match all of our beds, creating a seamless finish and air of style in the bedroom! 

Then it's a case of choosing your mattress. While our sleepover trundles do have their own custom sized trundle mattresses, you're still offered the same great quality selection of styles to ensure a comfortable night's sleep. 

Is a Trundle Bed the right choice? 

Our trundle beds are compatible with the full Aspace range of single and even bunk beds! That means that if you're already a happy owner then a trundle will slide right in with ease. And if not, then worry not! Full dimensions can be found by clicking right hereso you can measure up your current bedroom set up to see if a trundle can be incorporated into your child's bedroom. 

And what if a trundle is not quite right? Well, we also stock a great range of sleepover alternatives including futons, and high sleepers with built in daybeds, so no matter what your budget or room space you're sure to find something suitable. 

Aspace's Top Sleepover Tips 

In order to ensure you’re always sleepover ready, there’s a few simple steps you can take to play hostess with the mostess… even if it is for a sleepover arranged last minute at the school gate!  

  • Keeping a clean set of bedding, pillowcases included, close to hand is a great way to prevent any last minute mishaps before bed. This way, your little guests will always have the freshest bedsheets and you can remain cool, calm and organised in the evening.  
  • Although older children and pre-teens might like to keep themselves preoccupied, it's always a good idea to organise some sleepover activities. Whether it's baking, outdoor play or even as simple as a movie and some popcorn, keeping the children busy will lead to a more relaxing experience for yourself as a parent. 

  • While party food is a time honoured tradition at sleepovers, make sure you pair your offerings with some fruit and veg platters to prevent a party full of tummy aches. Also remember that if you're offering fizzy drinks, most contain caffeine which can hinder getting children to sleep even more so that the excitement of having friends to stay! 

  • All of our children’s single beds and trundle beds are full sized singles, giving ample room for lots of little one’s to ‘top and tail’ it the old fashioned way if space is tight. Bundling kids up is a fun, memory making experience when special occasions like birthdays and family Christmas celebrations call for it. 

And so, from now on you can forget those pesky camp beds, as huffing and puffing will soon be a thing of the past. Setting up one of our trundles is as simple as a flick of the wrist, certainly an impressive sight to on looking guests, even if they are eyeing it up for a good bouncing and midnight feast session! 

All of our trundles are available to view and puchase here. Prefer to chat? Why not give us a call on 0800 021 9015 and we can advise which option is best for you… we’re lovely, we promise!