Aspace Wins ECMOD Direct Commerce Award for Best Children's Retailer 2019

It’s that time of year again and we have some more exciting news to share with you all! We’re giving ourselves a massive pat on the back for securing yet another trophy for our collection. Here at Aspace we’re honoured to announce that we’ve won the best children’s retailer award for the second year in a row!

That’s right, once again Aspace has been recognised and applauded for our marvellous children’s products and excellent customer service by industry top dogs. The ECMOD Direct Commerce Awards have been recognising business excellence for over 20 years, we feel super-duper proud to be recognised for our achievements and presented with such a reputable award!

When we heard the announcement for nominations we were filled with pride and joy to even be selected again. Excitement filled the office when we got the invitation through inviting us to the awards ceremony as we reminisced about what a great night we had last year! The honour of even being shortlisted again felt like a victorious accomplishment alone, so when it was announced that we had won for the second consecutive year we were overjoyed! 

Here at Aspace we love hearing your personal comments and feedback about our products and services that we offer. We’ve been so appreciative of the positive reactions and observations that our attentive and courteous customers have given us over the years! Offering feedback on all areas of the company from answering your queries and questions over the phone through our amazing customer service team to constructing your new fantastic furniture in your beautiful homes, you’re the ones who made this award possible!

We cherish your continual feedback, whether its from new or old customers, we love it when you pop into our inbox or leave reviews on our feedback platform, just to let us know how much you love our products and services. Additionally we adore the photo’s you choose to share with us across our social media platforms, and entertain us with sleepover stories on the phone.

So it goes with saying a HUGE thank you to the ECMOD Direct Commerce Awards team to honouring us with the best children’s retailer award, but also to you guys too! Our lovely customers who support us through thick and thin! Without our Aspace family and support network we wouldn’t have nearly as many wonderful tales to tell the judges.

We already cannot wait to see what else the rest of 2019 has to offer for us at Aspace! 


About the author


Séverine, or Séve for short, is a French national that moved to the UK from 27 years ago! She has 2 “just-about” grown-up children and has been working for the children’s furniture industry for over 20 years!
When someone asks her what she does for a living, she says: “I sell the best bunk bed in the UK”! And she can do it well with such a wealth of experience! She likes nothing more than a beautiful, sturdy piece of children’s furniture that will last a life-time! When she is not busy helping her community and village charities, Séve loves nothing more than to create some French-Anglo dishes for her friends and family! She has even been known to feed over 100 guests at charity event runs!