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Top 10 Family Spring Activities

Top 10 Family Spring Activities


It’s spring! The birds are singing, bumblebees are buzzing and there’s a whole host of golden daffodils blooming…it’s time to enjoy this wonderful time of year with the family; even if it is a little different this year. With schools and workplaces shutting and new social distance measures in place, enjoying spring may prove to be a bit of a struggle. We want our children to look back on this time with fond and happy memories and spring offers the opportunity to create these and have lots of fun at the same time! Additionally, many studies have also shown that outdoor activity is key for our children’s physical and mental health, which is essential during this time. So, there’s no need to panic, we’ve come up with our top ten activities to keep the kids happy whilst spending spring at home.

1.Virtual Reality Forest Expeditions

With schools closed, Easter school trips are definitely canceled…but now you can bring the trip inside and explore with virtual reality and google expeditions! Google Expeditions offer children the chance to go on a series of virtual tours and be close to nature from the comfort of your own home. From learning about sharks to exploring a woodland forest, there are so many aspects and functions that are attributed to your child’s learning that they’ll be nature experts before you know it! All you need to do is download the Expeditions app made by Google and away you go!

2. Stay active with change for life 

We all know how much energy the little ones have and staying inside could cause quite a problem, but we can convert that energy into keeping fit! Change4life has some really good tools and activities in order to keep up your child’s physical fitness during this time of lockdown. From Inspired Disney activities to short 10 minute games, one way or another your little one is going to be bouncing off the walls.

3. Read outdoors

Grab their favourite book and head outside and bask in the sun whilst enjoying a great story. Plan a whole afternoon of reading, you can even incorporate an Easter picnic. Lie out on your picnic blanket and bring the pages to life! Or go one step further and try and use props in the garden to create your own story together.

4. Fly a Kite

Spring-Time offers the perfect weather for kite flying! All you need is a slight breeze and you’re ready to go. Although we’re slightly reduced in the fact we can’t leave our gardens I’m sure the excitement of even getting it in the air will thrill the little ones. You can always take it that one step further (if you’re feeling crafty) and make one with the kids. All you need is paper, string, straws and some tape, you can look at how to make one here.

5. Paper Pinwheel

The weather can be very unpredictable in the spring, from the sun beaming down to April showers, so if you wake up one spring morning and it’s raining, don’t worry! There are so many inside arts and crafts that can be done instead. Always a hit with the little ones, the paper pinwheel is a classic, which we’re sure you’ve all made at one time or another! Easily made from bits and bobs lying around at home, and the kids can decorate it using their colouring pencils, cut-outs of magazines or photos and even stickers! Click here to follow the step by step process of making a paper pinwheel.

6. Spring Clean

Make the most of having the kids in the house this Easter! It’s time for the annual spring clean…get the little ones to help organise all the cupboards and closets that haven’t been opened in a while. Surprisingly, children actually like helping with simple tasks and who knows what you might find in the dark corners of the house? An activity that’ll keep the kids busy for days and help you with a good cleanout.

7. Bake together!

Cakes, cookies, biscuits, and brownies… the opportunities are endless! Baking is a wonderful way to bond, as the little ones love it, but need your help with pretty much everything. But at the end of it, you can both enjoy the delicious goodies. Yum! 

8. Make some animal fact sheets

Seeing as there won’t be any trips to the zoo this Easter, why not have your child choose an animal of their choice and create a fact sheet for it. Get them to list everything that they know (factual or not) around their drawing of it. Then spend some time on the computer do some research around their animal and add some more facts to (or cross some off) the sheet. Fun and educational!

9. Make rainbow ice

Make use of the old food colouring you find from your spring clean by filling two dozen ice cube trays with water and a few droplets of colouring and pop them in the freezer. After they have frozen, get them out and the little ones can use them as paint cubes. Sliding them across some paper, they can create some lovely colourful paintings. A relaxing and great outdoor activity for the spring!

10. Organise an Easter Egg Hunt

Old but gold, Easter Egg hunts are a classic at this time of year and the younger kids love them! Depending on the weather, you can hold an Easter egg hunt indoors, outside or even both! Don’t worry if you’ve not got any chocolate eggs, you can use the yummy bakes that you’re going to make instead or of you’ve already scoffed them you can use their favourite snacks instead! Click here to see some of the best hints and tips to set up your very own hunt!