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What is a Day Bed?

What is a Day Bed?

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice comfort for convenience when it comes to designing your child’s bedroom, but luckily a day bed offers both in spades. Day beds aren’t just great for saving space, they’re multifunctional beds that can act as a cosy sofa while providing an extra bed for sleepovers!

A day bed is a charming hybrid of a sofa and a bed; a perfect cosy spot for reading and relaxing on a rainy day, and a snuggly space for sweet dreams come night. While a day bed is similar to a sofa bed – there are some key differences between the two.

Day beds typically feature frames around three sides of the bed – creating their sofa-like appearance. As a sofa, you can prop up some cushions along the frames to act as the back and arms, while as a bed the frames make for a neat headboard and footboard – with an extra support beam along the side.

Because they’re made to be slept on as well as sat on, they’re a little longer than the average sofa, which only makes for extra snuggly lounging!

Sofa beds tend to have regular sofa cushions with a fold-out mattress hidden beneath. Day beds are different – the mattress doubles as seating for the sofa, so you don’t have to move things around and pull the bed out when bedtime arrives.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of day beds is that they’re not just the perfect bed-sofa hybrid, they also tend to come with extras, be it underbed drawers, shelving along the frame, or a hideaway trundle for guests!

What is a Day Bed Used For?

While adults might keep a day bed in a home office or lounge for extra cosy naps and lazy Sundays in – when it comes to kids’ rooms, a day bed can easily be an everyday bed!

Unlike sofa beds, day beds use proper bed mattresses. This means that if you prefer, your child can use a day bed as their regular bed without doing any harm to their spine or posture. Day beds are just as comfortable as any of our beds for kids, while offering extra practical, space-saving solutions.

Sofa bed mattresses tend to be thin and light, as they need to be folded back into the sofa. Day beds benefit from using genuine bed mattresses, so comfort and safety is never an issue!

What Size is a Day Bed?

Day beds from Aspace are single beds – so they’re perfectly suitable for your kids to enjoy from their younger years into their teens. Meanwhile, the extra hideaway guest beds require a single trundle mattress.

This size makes for a super comfy sofa by day, with plenty of space if they toss and turn at night. This means you get the same convenience as sofa bed, with even more comfort, and without having to pull the bed out as the sun sets.

What is a Day Bed with Trundle?

Every beautiful day bed from Aspace comes with an easy pull-out trundle bed underneath!

Soon enough, your child will be eager to have their friends come see their awesome bedroom – and while you want to make sure friends have space to stay over, you don’t necessarily want a second bed taking up space 24/7. Instead, day beds with pullout trundles are the perfect space-saving solution for overnight guests.

They can use the day bed as a sofa for movie night, and when bedtime comes, simply slide out the trundle in a matter of seconds. Forget the time-consuming, unsightly blow-up beds; a day bed with trundle doesn’t just offer practicality – it brings elegant, whimsical charm to any room, with gorgeous grooved paneling hiding the trundle when not in use.

Another great tip for day beds with trundles; if you don’t expect overnight guests or already have another futon or trundle at the ready, you can forego a trundle mattress and use the space as an extra storage drawer instead. Perfect for extra bedding and blankets, or even as a well-placed toy box! You could even keep bedding underneath during the day, and swap it with sofa cushions at bedtime.

More Day Bed FAQs

What is the Point of a Day Bed?

A day bed is designed to combine practicality, space-saving, and comfort! Because it functions as both a sofa and a bed without having to be moved or adjusted, and because day beds contain storage or trundle space beneath the bed, they’re a truly functional choice with a charming, elegant look.

Why is it Called a Day Bed?

Day beds get their name from their versatility. The history of the day bed actually goes all the way back to Ancient Greece! Before sofas and couches existed, day beds and klines were used as a place to lounge and rest during the day. The same holds true today – day beds can be relaxed on as an extra comfy sofa by day while acting as a great bed for kids come night!

Can You Sit on a Day Bed?

You can absolutely sit on a day bed! Day beds are just like a sofa, only they use a mattress instead of regular sofa cushions. We recommend propping some cushions up against the frame for truly blissful lounging!

Can a Day Bed Be Used as a Regular Bed?

Yes, day beds are perfectly fine for children to use as a regular bed as they use regular mattresses. Sofa bed mattresses tend to be thin and flimsy, but with a day bed you’ll enjoy a comfy mattress that’s safe to sleep on every night.

What is the Difference Between a Day Bed and a Trundle Bed?

A trundle is typically a low bed on wheels that’s designed to slide under regular beds when not in use. Trundles are great for overnight guests, but unlike day beds – which kids can happily and safely use as their bed – trundles shouldn’t be used every night. All day beds from Aspace are able to fit a trundle underneath!

What Mattress Does a Day Bed Require?

Day beds use regular single bed mattresses. A 190cm x 90cm single mattress for kids will fit perfectly in any of Aspace’s gorgeous day beds! All of our day beds include a trundle underneath, which requires a 183cm x 90cm trundle mattress.

Read our guide to finding the best mattress for children for more guidance!