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Bedtimes / 30 Nov 2015 / by James

Kids' beds fit for a Prince: When to go from cot to bed?

We can hardly believe that little Prince George is now two years old - another reminder that time flies! If your own bundle of joy seems to be trying to rival Alice in Wonderland in the growing-up-fast stakes, our guide to making the transition from cot to bed could have come at exactly the right time.


Cot to 'big bed': When is the right time?

Like so many things when it comes to children, there's no set age when you're "supposed" to move your little one from a cot to a bed[1], so you'll need to take your lead from their behaviour instead.


Three signs it's big bed time

1. When your little one starts turning into a little monkey - trying to climb or jump out of the cot - it's probably a good time to start introducing the idea of his or her very own 'big bed'.

2. If you've begun the potty training procedure, helping your child make the move to a big bed will probably be part and parcel, as he or she will eventually need to get up and go to the toilet.

3. Prince George became a big brother in May, when Princess Charlotte arrived. A new brother or sister can often be the motivating factor for parents to move kids into a big bed, and BabyCentre advises you make the switch at least six to eight weeks before your new baby is due, to give your older child the chance to be really settled in before the newbie arrives! [2]


Things to remember

A bed rail is an essential purchase for your little one's very first big bed - you don't want him or her rolling out in the night. Either fit a rail to each side or push one side against a wall. You might want to go for an inflatable bed guard or choose one in a colour that complements your child's bedroom décor.

Without the restrictions of a cot, your little one may start to walk around in the night. MadeForMums advises you make sure you are fully prepared for this by installing a stair gate at the top of any stairs he or she may come across, or across their bedroom door if necessary[3].

Top tips for an easy transition

  • If you can, place the bed where the cot used to be. They'll be used to the surroundings, which may help them drift off more easily.
  • Talk about the 'big bed' in a positive way. Your child will pick up on it if you feel anxious about the move, so see it as a positive step - an exciting new chapter in both of your lives!
  • Make the big bed itself as inviting as possible - ASPACE is the perfect go-to for this, with kids' beds that are as great-looking as they are practical, and a huge choice of bedding and accessories to make sure their new cosy place matches their tastes. Why not involve them in choosing these things, to ensure they feel really positive about the move?


All the best for the Big Bed Adventure!

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[3] http://www.madeformums.com/toddler-and-preschool/moving-your-toddler-from-a-cot-to-a-bed/12521.html