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Why Choose Wooden Children's Furniture?

Why Choose Wooden Children's Furniture?

Pedestal Desk in Prussian Blue

A bedroom is so much more important to a child than it is when you become a grown-up. As an adult, it often simply becomes a place to sleep. As a child, it’s your own little corner of the world – a place to escape and play as you please, in a safe space that is yours and yours alone.

As a parent, you want to create a space for your child that supports them in their sleep, development and play, but creating the perfect bedroom can feel like a gargantuan task. From styles to colours, ensuring you give them a cosy and safe place to rest their head is as important as making sure the materials you choose are of good quality, durable and long-lasting.

Here, we look at why wooden furniture is a top choice for many parents, looking at the different types of wooden furniture that will feature as key pieces in your child’s bedroom for many years to come. 

Why Choose Wood?
At Aspace, we believe that natural materials are always preferable to manmade ones, such as plastic and metal. With wood, you are utilising the only renewable building material. Naturally grown and engineered, it contributes to the overall removal of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. But there are a number of other reasons why wood is the best choice for a child’s bedroom.

The Beauty
Wooden furniture conjures up the idea of nature, bringing the outside indoors, and creating a feeling of calm. From different types of wood come varying looks, allowing the wood to become more versatile, adding depth to a room that could otherwise be quite simple and cold.

The Choice
The versatility of wood comes from an extensive choice of styles and finishes. Here we talk you through the different types of lumber we use to make our children’s beds and furniture including Rubberwood, Beech and Oak.

A lumber which comes from slower-growing trees, rubberwood is a denser wood compared with other wood varieties, so it’s more durable and resistant to dings. Extremely long-lasting, rubberwood can be easily refinished and repaired through the years; if the children are a little heavy-handed with their toys in the bedroom!

Our Charterhouse bunk beds are made from solid rubberwood and composites which makes them strong and durable for the family home. We also offer small pots of touch-up paint, which you can purchase to keep your child’s bed looking as good as new in years to come.

Beech Wood:
Beech is a hard, strong and heavy wood. The lumber has a fine, tight grain and even texture, making it shock absorbent. A non-porous wood, Beech wood has a solid density and a strong surface. This means, it will last against pressure, chipping and gouging, more than some other varieties of wood. Since it has long-lasting properties, beech wood furniture will stand the test of time, and look good even in years to come. Light in colour, beech wood is perfect for adding warmth to a bedroom.

Our Salcombe mid-sleeper is ideal for parents looking for a strong and durable bed with a natural wood finish. 

Oak is exceedingly strong, heavy and durable. Because of its qualities, oak furniture is more expensive than other woods, but it is an investment that will last you for many years. Furniture made from oak is crafted to last a lifetime and will only look better as it ages. Oak can add a natural warmth and character to any room, as its timeless appearance lends itself to both classic and contemporary styles. 

Our Porterhouse collection is made from solid oak, which means it will become even more beautiful with age, developing its own patina over time; aging with you as your family grows.