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Why Bunk Bed Mattress Depth Matters

Why Bunk Bed Mattress Depth Matters

bunk bed is an exciting furniture choice for any little one’s bedroom when growing up! Who wouldn’t want the choice between sleeping with their head in the clouds, or cosy down below every night? However, the process of choosing a bunk may not be as easy as you originally thought. Not only do they come in different sizes, colours and styles but so do the appropriate, safely compatible mattresses. Double trouble! Not to worry though, we are here to help you in making these important decisions so your little one’s can have the best night’s sleep possible!

First of all, every child is different, this usually means that you will have to look at different mattresses for your children if they’re going to be sharing a bedroom and bunks. No child is the same, so why choose the same mattress? During a child’s formative years, the importance of a great night’s sleep is unquestionable, that’s why here at Aspace we ensure that your child will have a sound night’s sleep from their snuggly early years well into teenagerhood. There are all sorts of things to take into consideration when picking a mattress, from how soft or firm a sleep they prefer, through to whether it can help with particular issues your child might have such as allergies, for example. That’s why we’ve made a small guide to help you in making these choices!


The confusing world of coils, explained.
Just like you would have experienced when choosing your own mattress, children’s ones also come in a selection ranging from open coil to pocket-sprung and also memory foam, all offering different beneficial factors for separate sleepers. It’s extremely important for children’s bodies to be supported as they’re sleeping, in order to aid their growth and wellbeing, but of course choosing something too firm could be uncomfortable for little ones as they naturally weigh less so don’t fully benefit from additional springs. We recommend an open coil mattress for children aged between three and eight, our selection are all excellent quality and guaranteed for five years. Yet they don’t break the bank – we know these beds will be subjected to accidents in the night and sticky fingers, and you will want to replace it after they have grown out of these bad habits!

Pocket sprung mattresses are a smart choice for a tween or teen. The science behind a pocket sprung mattress is as the name suggests. Coils are sewn into individual ‘pockets’ allowing them to move independently of one another, therefore offering just the right amount of support all over the body, every single night. Plus, the support will adapt as your now not-so-little one grows, meaning this is a mattress that will last. While we guarantee our full range for five years, with good care you can expect a pocket sprung mattress to last up to seven or eight long years!

Why are top and bottom mattresses different heights?
Based on our easy to understand breakdown above, you should now have a pretty good idea of who needs what mattress. If your children are sharing bunks, you will also need to decide who is sleeping where. We recommend ages six and up sleep up top, children should be confident climbing up and down the ladder, especially when sleepy and in the dark. Once you’ve got to grips with who is sleeping where, and what sort of mattress they will need you can start popping some items in your shopping basket. Any of our single mattresses will safely and snuggly fit into a bottom bunk bed.

Up top, every bunk bed will have a maximum mattress depth measurement. This is to ensure there is a sufficient amount of safety railing in place to stop restless sleepers going overboard during the night. Don’t worry, you won’t have to compromise on the mattress you’ve just so carefully chosen! We offer all of our mattresses in ‘bunk bed’ variations. (also known as ‘raised bed mattresses’) The quality isn’t any less, the exact same components have quite simply been compressed in order to create a shallower mattress that complies with the safety regulations – phew!

I still need help!
If all of the above has you scratching your head still, why not try our handy mattress selector to help you with all your queries and worries! Simply pop in your bed details, even if you haven’t purchased it from Aspace, and we’ll tell you exactly what should go where!

Or perhaps you’re still undecided on the perks of a bunk bed, why not make a call to one of our friendly advisors, they’re always on hand to answer any questions on 0800 021 9015.