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Health / 20 Nov 2018 / by Emily Maidment

Why It's Important To Get A Good Night's Sleep As A Parent

Getting a good night's sleep as a parent is not always easy. Sleep deprivation is no joke for new parents, and even when children get older, it can be difficult to get some rest if your child isn't sleeping well.

So, why is sleeping well important? Here are three reasons from bed and mattress specialist Button & Sprung on why it's essential to get a good night's sleep as a parent (and three ways on how to get it).

Holly Bed Frame

Sleep is vital to help you function

A US study suggests that "going a whole day without sleep can make you as impaired as someone who is legally intoxicated." This can include a decrease in concentration, cognition, productivity and performance.

On the other hand, by getting a good night’s sleep, it could help to improve these aspects of brain function. This will help you to be ready for your kids and the day ahead (and for whatever the day throws at you!).

Your children will follow your lead

You often teach more by your example and attitude rather than your words. What does your bedtime routine look like? Do you try and go to sleep and wake up at the same time each day? Do you wind down with an hour of screen time before bed?

By making a good night's sleep a core value for you and your family, you will create a structure for your children, and help to promote healthy sleep habits that they will take into adulthood.

How to sleep well

Declutter your bedroom

In a busy family household, it's nice to have somewhere relaxing to escape to, and what better place than your own bedroom. Scientists have claimed to have found a direct link between clutter and your cortisol levels (aka the 'stress hormone'), so it's important to ensure your bedroom is kept clean and tidy.

Willow Ottoman

There are lots of simple ways to tackle clutter in your bedroom. Use drawer organisers to maximise drawer space, and baskets are a great and inexpensive way to keep clutter at bay. For a longer- term space-saving option, how about investing in a storage bed? Our Ottoman Beds come with a gas-lifting top for effortless access to storage underneath and we now offer a Super King size Ottoman Bed for even more storage space!

Avoid certain food and drink before bed

Caffeinated drinks, such as tea and coffee, as well as soft drinks and chocolate, are all stimulants. When consumed, these raise the levels of activity in the brain, making you more alert and less tired. Although these can be great for waking you up in the morning, it's best to avoid these just before bed, as they can affect your natural sleep cycles.

Button & Sprung Mattresses

Find the perfect mattress

Finding a mattress that suits your height, weight and shape is essential for sleeping well, and the Better Sleep Council recommends changing your mattress every 7-10 years, to ensure you have the right support and comfort. As a rule of thumb, the more springs and natural fillings, the more supportive and comfort the mattress gives you, and the heavier you are, the firmer your mattress should be, in order to balance out your body weight. Just as when you're in a standing position, your mattress should ensure your spine is kept horizontal as you sleep, so the natural curves of your body should be supported in all the right places. This will help you to sleep well with no lasting aches or pains. Check out Button & Sprung's mattress buying guide for more advice.

For more tips on how to make small changes to your daily routine to help you sleep well (and eat better), head over to the Button & Sprung blog.