Kid's Playroom Furniture

Kid's Playroom Furniture

ASPACE childrens playroom furniture are all in eye-catching designs which are highly versatile and provide space-saving solutions for the busy parent.

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Playroom Furniture

Our brand new range of playroom furniture dedicated to larking about.

Space Saving Children’s Playroom Storage

Introducing the full collection of ASPACE children’s playroom furniture all in eye-catching designs which are highly versatile and geared towards providing space-saving solutions for the busy parent. Allow your child to run amok with that remote controlled car or box of toys, then, when playtime is over, place their goodies pride of place on the Brighton Double Shelves Storage Unit or the Tessera Quadrant Storage Unit.

We have a range of playroom storage furniture in a plethora of styles, so whether you’re searching for a bright fuchsia cube storage unit to store your child’s most prized possessions or a more conservative library system combination to keep books and journals in check, the choice is yours.

Flawless Furniture Every Time

Fed up of purchasing sub-standard, mass-produced furniture only for it to need replacing within a couple of years? At ASPACE, our ethos is simple: high quality furniture, every single time. All of our furniture is completely exclusive and a great deal of it is made right here, in Great Britain. 

With 20 years of furniture design experience under their belts, our experts know a thing or two about creating great furniture. From initial drafting through to the finishing touches, all of our furniture is put through a rigorous testing process to ensure it is 100% safe and fit for use; cheap and disposable we are not.

Be it a bookcase, chair or cube storage unit, discover a comprehensive range of children’s playroom furniture today.