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Boys’ Bedroom Ideas & Inspiration

Boys Bedroom Ideas & Inspiration

Whether you’re designing your son’s first bedroom or giving their existing room a makeover, choosing the right furniture, decor, colours and themes might seem like a daunting task. 

You want to choose a look that’ll last, but more importantly, you want to go for a look that speaks to their own unique personality and interests. This should be a space where he can feel fully comfortable being himself! 

We know how messy boys can be, so when you design their bedroom it’s important to consider a few space-saving solutions to keep everything as tidy as you can! You also want to make sure they’ve got the right sized bed and mattress and encourage good sleep hygiene with an environment that’s not too overstimulating.

But enough of that boring stuff! Let’s explore some fun and creative boys’ bedroom ideas that they’ll love for years to come.

Space Station

Space is a classic theme for boy’s bedrooms, and one that you can get really creative with! Astronauts-in-the-making will be delighted with a room that lets their imaginations run wild, with plenty of galactic accessories and art.

You might go for a darker blue wall to resemble the night sky and decorate it with glow-in-the-dark star stickers or space-themed posters and prints, or go all the way and paint a grand galaxy mural to cover the entire wall!

They’ll adore a giant solar system print, and a space theme means you can double down on your décor with art that’s not just fun and stylish, but educational too. Go for a Space Age wall chart so they can kickstart their science career! 

You can pretty much have any and every colour in a space-themed room, but greens, pinks, purples and cyans against a dark backdrop are especially astronomical. Create a starry night using fairy lights, or even better – astronaut string lights, and make sure to include lots of sparkly, glittery details too! 

Are they into all things alien? Try dark blue with lime green! This is a great combo for imaginative boys who love sci-fi and the wonders of outer space. Lime green is a lively colour and dark blue is the perfect night-sky contrast.

If you’re designing a room for a younger boy and you’d prefer to avoid too much dark colour, you can always go for a neutral look and reserve the space theme for their art, bedding, toys and accessories.

Lastly, any future spaceman will absolutely love a high-sleeper bed so they can look out over their own personal galaxy!

Sports Zone

Active, sporty kids need lots of space to burn their energy! While they might spend most of their time playing outside, they’ll need room to bounce around on rainy days, so it’s wise to choose furniture that will maximise the floor space in their room. A high-sleeper has plenty of space underneath for a desk, wardrobe, futon or otherwise, leaving more open space for play. Cabin beds and mid-sleepers also offer great underbed storage space.

If you’ve got hard flooring, you might also opt for a soft rug – in case they get a bit overactive it helps to have a bit of extra padding around!

You might need extra storage for all their bats, balls, boots and so on – so a nice big toy box is essential for young athletes. Add in a woven storage basket to use as a laundry hamper so they get into the habit of putting dirty kits out of sight – there are plenty more muddy days coming your way!

In terms of colour and style – stripes are of course a sporty go-to. If they don’t have a specific favourite team to guide the colour palette, stripes with any combination of blues, greens, reds, black and white will offer a sporty feel.

Feature plenty of stars in their décor, perhaps some gold details for future Olympians, and some bunting for that festive sports day feel.

Superhero HQ

If they’re obsessed with comic books and superhero movies, you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect toys and accessories for their bedroom! Superheroes are hugely popular with young lads at the moment – and the hype around them won’t be wearing off any time soon.

Of course, kids can be quite specific about their favourite heroes, so make sure you consult them first – a Batman fanatic won’t be too pleased with those Spiderman bedsheets!

The superhero world is bright, colourful, and action-packed – and that’s what you should go for when designing a superhero room for boys. Lots of vivid primary colours and sparkly details surrounding your boy’s bedroom will have him feeling like they’re the star of the next Marvel blockbuster!

The comic book aesthetic also lends itself to boy’s bedrooms, providing the perfect fun, colourful and playful style for young caped crusaders. Think zany speech bubbles, big bold writing, any and every colour and fun cartoon-style art; his décor can make him feel like he’s walking right into a comic book every time he enters the room, which is sure to inspire some adventurous dreams!

Animal Kingdom

There’s so much you can do with a bedroom for boys who love animals! A wildlife theme is so versatile because you can take a cute and cuddly approach with lots of cartoony prints and soft toys all over, you can turn their room into a safari with jungle-inspired bedding and wallpaper and realistic animal wall stickers, or you can even go for a more toned down, sophisticated look that still celebrates their love of all things animal.

For young ones, cute and cuddly is certainly the way to go! Go for fluffy tiger rugs, a big toy box to keep their growing collection of soft toys, and lots of bright and colourful accessories like animal night lights, animal patterned blankets and bedding, and adorable animal artwork.

Emerging zoologists will love a room that looks and feels a little on the wild side. Go for lots of green and other earthy colours like blues, sand golds, browns and oranges. Tiger and zebra prints work great as bedding for boys bedrooms too!

For furniture, focus on creating a more natural look with neutral wooden pieces – a big wooden shelf for their favourite biology and wildlife books is a must!

Don’t forget to fill their room with lots of plants to give it even more of a jungle vibe.

Land of Dinosaurs

Perhaps their interest in animals is a tad more prehistoric! Boys love dinosaurs, and they’ll be absolutely thrilled with a bedroom packed with all things dino. Just like an animal-themed room, a dinosaur-themed room will look great with earthier tones and natural wooden furniture, but chances are the dinosaurs they know and love are all sorts of colours so you don’t need to restrict yourself all too much!

You’ll see dinosaurs in all sorts of fun and creative styles pop up when shopping for any bedroom accessory and essential. From wall art to lighting to rugs, bedding, storage and beyond – basically anything your boy needs, you’re sure to find a dinosaur-themed design.

Keep the walls simple and neutral with a classic eggshell white or a pale green, and then add tons of character with some awesome dinosaur wall stickers! Find framed dinosaur prints to match any colour scheme, and choose a dinosaur-shaped bedside lamp to match. A T-rex rug is an adorable addition for young one’s bedroom, especially if you’ve got hardwood floors.

Nautical Paradise

Captains-in-the-making will love an ocean-inspired room to inspire their future voyages. The nautical theme is a classic, and it’s one that you can go all out with or take a more toned-down approach while still creating a charming space for future seafarers.

White and blue stripes are the classic look for a nautical boy’s bedroom, but there’s a lot more you can do to give their room that sailboat vibe through their décor and artwork. Maps are great idea, and if they’re into crafting model boats, make sure you’ve got a big shelf for them to show them off. A lifebuoy is always a great shout, and anchors too!

Keeping it Simple

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with opting for simplicity and taking a minimalist approach.  Going with neutral colours in the walls and furniture means you’ve got a blank canvas that can continually evolve as your child grows. It gives you a little more freedom to change things up on the regular, and you can still play to their interests through the bedroom décor.

If you’re worried that an all-neutral room will feel a tad lifeless, you can always introduce plenty of colour and character through the bedding, décor, accessories and of course their toys. A minimalist room will mean minimal work for you as you won’t need to worry about repainting or redesigning as your little one’s interests and personality evolves.

For a neutral space, go for creamier whites that offer a little more warmth and energy than a standard white – which can at times make a space feel quite clinical. Plants will bring lots of life to a minimal room too, as well as some stylish art on the walls. Use magnetic wooden picture frames that are easy to swap out if you want to switch theme!

You can explore darker greys, blues and brown hues in their furniture, but aim for consistency across their bed, bedside table, chest of drawers, wardrobe and so on. The furniture will guide the atmosphere of a neutral room, so choose timeless, elegant pieces that stand out and will last them into adolescence and beyond.