Trundle Mattresses

These clever, space saving kids' trundle mattresses which perfectly pair with our guest beds come into a world of their own when best friends, cousins and distant relatives pop round. Faffing with foot pumps to blow things up is a distant memory. With one of our premium quality trundles, a small flick of the wrist unveils the comfiest looking underbed mattress one ever did see. Impressive or what!

What's So Brilliant About Our Kids' Trundle Mattresses

What is a trundle mattress?

A trundle mattress is specially designed for use in conjunction with a trundle sleepover bed.

A guest bed which slides underneath your existing single bed, a trundle bed is comfortable, yet sleek and space-saving.

We offer two-size trundle mattresses, to fit our regular trundle beds and the larger integral Charterhouse trundle beds. Plus, choose from a range of luxurious mattress coverings.

What types of trundle mattresses are available?

Our trundle mattresses come in two sizes, to fit our two-size trundle beds.

A 2'6" trundle mattress is compatible with our Children's Trundle Bed. 2'6" refers to the width of the mattress, in old school feet and inches (76cm to you and me). If in doubt we would always recommend double-checking the width of your trundle before purchasing. Spacious and comfortable for all ages of sleepover guests, our trundle beds are even suitable for occasional adult use.

If you're looking for a trundle mattress for our Charterhouse Sleepover or Daybeds, see our 3' trundle mattresses. Three feet wide, the same as a standard single mattress, and only marginally shorter in length they neatly fit underneath, it a spacious, comfortable guest bed.

What depth should I get for my trundle mattress?

All our trundle mattresses are 14cm in depth. With an open coil spring base, the springs are individually arranged to stand straight and link together to create a single responsive layer. The edges of the mattress are hand tufted and reinforced to ensure that the mattress keeps its shape. Finally, the innerspring core is covered in layers of rebound polyester and wool rich felt for comfort and durability.

Our trundle beds are designed to offer the most comfortable night's sleep to your little sleepover guests. 

Can I use any mattress for a trundle bed?

These dedicated trundle mattresses are designed to fit perfectly in the trundle bed base. With that in mind, our dedicated trundle bed mattresses are the perfect companion. Standard single-bed mattresses or larger ones will not fit. If you have any questions about the best trundle mattress for you, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our lovely customer service team for further guidance.