Children's Mid Sleeper Beds

Looking for a kids bed for small rooms? Cue our Mid Sleeper Beds. Space saving, tick. Good looking, check. Built to last, absolutely! By raising a full size, single bed mid-way off the ground, there's bags of extra floorspace to make way for practical furniture and room to play, so that's exactly what we did! Suitable for ages 6 and over, discover the secret below.

What's So Brilliant About Our Mid Sleeper Beds

What is a mid sleeper bed?

Fun, comfortable, safe and brilliant for storage, our children's Mid Sleeper Beds can do it all! Effortlessly cool, any little one will love sleeping with their head in the clouds, meanwhile Mum and Dad win with maximum storage space, bingo!

So what exactly is a Mid Sleeper Bed a great choice of bed for small rooms, we take a full-size, standard UK single bed and raise it slightly off the ground to make way for additional furniture, play and study space.

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Similar to our clever Cabin Beds, however, our wooden Mid Sleepers come without the included storage options, meaning there’s plenty of space for you and your little one to create your own den, dressing area or racetrack - the possibilities are endless!

What are the advantages of a mid sleeper bed?

Who doesn't want to sleep in a raised bed? Forever a favourite with little ones, our wooden mid-sleeper beds combine good looks with stylish design, and a huge long list of practicalities and safety features too!

Our White Mid Sleeper Bed is the perfect base for the beginnings of a colourful and creative space. Pair with bold statement accessories, be it colourful bunting or cosy cushions for a neon bright bedroom with tonnes of character. Parents, we haven't forgotten about you! Now not to show our age here, but we've built this bed with our common sense heads screwed firmly on. Yes, it's all well and good being sky high, but changing bedsheets on tiptoes is no fun! Our kids' Mid Sleeper Beds are the perfect combination of childish fun and practical essentials. Plenty of room underneath for storing essentials, a big chunky ladder to make the climb to bed a safe one, and high safety rails to safely contain tossing and turning in the night, and most importantly, they’re the perfect height for a kiss goodnight.

What age is best suited to a wooden mid sleeper bed?

Ultimately, no one knows your child as well as you do, which is why we can only offer a rough guide for the age we recommend children be before they move into a mid sleeper. At the age of 6 they should be confident enough to climb the ladder safely, not only when wide awake during the day, but also while sleepy if they need to come down during the night. Our chunky wide ladder tread and sturdy railings are also in place to help make the clamber as easy as possible. However, we have no upper age limit when it comes to our Mid Sleeper Beds though, meaning they’re totally safe for adults! We test to a suitable weight limit, which is 12 stone / 76kg. Before our furniture designs even leave the sketchbook, we make sure they're going to be fit for purpose. All of our exclusive designs are put through their paces with rigorous testing taking place to measure safety, strength, durability and practicality. Once, and only once we're completely happy, and our beds have passed UK safety standards with flying colours do we begin crafting our designs for sale. It's a long old process, but everybody knows good things take time!

What mattress is recommended for a kid’s mid sleeper bed?

A Mid Sleeper Bed requires a reduced height Raised Bed Mattress in order to meet the EC height safety regulations. The reduced height allows for sufficient depth of the Mid Sleeper Beds' safety rails, which prevents any rolling out at night.

Our raised bed mattresses are no compromise, built to the exact same specification as their counterparts, they’re simply compressed during the manufacturing process - which you’ll be pleased to know happens just down the road from us here in the West Country, to meet the regulations. You can shop our full collection of Bunk & High Bed Mattresses here.