Kids single mattresses

Choosing the perfect single bed mattress for kids may seem like a minefield of coils, springs and foam, but as Mums and Dads ourselves we understand you don't have time to pour over oodles of information. That's why we've made the process as straightforward as possible. Once you browse our carefully curated selection and choose your standout premium single bed mattress, children and parents alike will be guaranteed a great night's sleep.

What's so brilliant about our kid's single mattresses

Types of single mattresses

With over 20 years experience to our name, we’ve had oodles of time to perfect our selection of children’s mattresses.

A single bed sized version of the mattress you or I may use simply isn’t designed with little one’s bodies in mind, which is why there’s such an art (or minefield) when it comes to selecting the perfect fit for your toddler, tween or teen.

We’ve carefully curated a range of mattresses which offers something for everyone, including even the fussiest of sleepers. We offer both a range of open coil and pocket sprung mattresses, with the first of the two starting at an entry level option, rising to super deluxe open coil mattress. Moving up in quality and recommended age of use, you will then find in our collection both a pocket 1000, and pocket 1400 pocket sprung mattress options.

What is the standard mattress for a single bed?

The most common, standard size for a standard single bed mattress in the UK is 90cm wide x 190cm long, or 3ft x 6ft 3”. All Aspace mattresses are suitable for standard singles beds, whether that be our own Aspace beds or another brand. However, with that in mind, it’s always best to double check measurements before making a new purchase.

Should you ever be looking for a different size of mattress, whether that be for a smaller toddler bed, a bigger double, or even a totally bespoke size that you simply cannot find anywhere else. At Aspace we can create high quality, custom sized mattresses to fit your exacting needs. You’ll find a wider range of mattress sizes online, or for something totally custom, drop our friendly customer service team a message.

What type of single mattress should a child sleep on?

Just like we have different preferences as adults, every child is different too, which will reflect in what type of single mattress they should sleep on.

Generally, we recommend increasing firmness, and the support this offers, as your little one grows. However with little ones growing so fast and a children’s mattress being a purchase that should last you between 5 and 7 years, you have a bit of wiggle room to move up or down the scale to suit your little one’s preferences and your own personal needs.

For example, if your now not so little one will be flying the nest and heading to university in a matter of years, investing in a top quality pocket sprung mattress will offer visitors a comfortable guest bed after they’ve packed up and headed onto an exciting new city.

Here at Aspace we stock mattresses suitable for children of all ages, as well as top quality types loved by adults too. To ensure you select the perfect mattress for your family, why not chat with one of our customer service advisors first who will listen to your needs and expertly advise what mattress is right for you.

Other bedroom essentials

Whether you’re shopping for a complete new bedroom furniture set along with your mattress, or you’re simply upgrading your little ones' snooze spot and fancy some fresh new bed linen to go with it, we have everything you need for a bedroom refresh in our collection.