Children's Trundle Beds

Just because a trundle is out of sight in the bedroom doesn't mean we've put quality out of mind. These space saving children's beds have been designed with the same care and attention as all our other children's furniture to ensure a quality night's sleep no matter what. Our pullout trundle beds come in colour varieties to match all of our beds, creating a seamless finish and air of style in the bedroom!

What's So Brilliant About Our Kids' Trundle Beds

Space Saving Trundle Beds

Just in case you were wondering... According to the Little Oxford Dictionary, the definition of a trundle is: “n.(-bed) low bed on wheels that may be pushed under another.” It’s the perfect solution for unexpected guests during a sleepover…"

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What is the point of a trundle bed?

Small and compact, with the ability to slide seamlessly under regular-sized beds, trundle beds (also known as truckle beds) are a great solution when you need an extra sleeping spot and far less effort than a blow-up bed! Whether you’re accommodating one extra sleeper for the night or a gang of excited children, trundles are the perfect choice for Mums and Dads who want a flexible, space-saving kids' bed. Trundle beds are also a sensible choice for space-strapped rooms, where books, toys and general clutter can be stored under the bed in place of the mattress.

A Trundle to Match the Rest of Your Room?

Our range of pullout trundles come in five colour options and solid oak in order to match or mis-match your current bedroom furniture! Choose from our timeless, durable silk finishes in prussian blue, silk white, taupe, antique white and dark grey. Meaning you can find your perfect match whether you already own one of our brilliant bunks, single or low foot end beds.

Quality Kids' Trundle Beds for Every Occasion

With a commitment to quality craftsmanship and some of the industry’s most rigorous testing procedures, when you buy trundle beds for children at Aspace you’re getting one that lasts for the long-term. With over 20 years of experience, we know how to make furniture for kids’ bedrooms that complements your style and works well too. Explore our range of trundle mattresses to find the perfect mattress for your trundle bed. And don’t forget, our designs are 100% exclusive to Aspace – so you won’t find our furniture anywhere else. For more information, speak online to our expert team today or call 0800 0219 015.