High Sleeper Beds

An Aspace High Sleeper Bed is a brilliant choice of children's bed for small rooms. Our premium range of wooden High Sleeper Beds for kids covers all possible needs in the bedroom, all within the footprint of a full size, standard single bed. Whether there's need for a spacious desk to study, your little one is desperately calling out for storage space, or you're looking for a sleepover solution, our kid's High Sleeper Beds are here to help!

What's So Brilliant About Our Children's High Sleeper Beds

What is a High Sleeper Bed?

Sometimes known as a loft bed, a High Sleeper Bed is a raised single bed, which allows for access to the floorspace below, making way for additional furniture, space to play and storage space. They’re raised high enough for parents to safely move about underneath, making them a very popular choice with all the family.

Position the ladder at either end of the bed, to suit your room layout. With chunky treads, a steady angled ascend and an overall design which is totally wobble-proof, we design all of our High Sleeper Beds to be as safe as can be.

Discover the full collection by downloading the Aspace digital catalogue here.

Great Kids Beds for Small Rooms

A High Sleeper Bed is one clever design! First and foremost, you have a full size, UK standard single bed, naturally compatible with standard size single essential bedding. By simply raising it into the air, we’ve made way for an assortment of options below.

Do you have a super social butterfly? Then why not check out our Daybed or Futon options, both of which make great sleepover solutions. Or if storage space is at a premium, we recommend taking a look at the Bookcase or Wardrobe options which boast ample space to stash clothes, school supplies and much more. On top of the configurations mentioned above, each High Sleeper Bed offer total flexibility to suit your room space. As well as customising which end you place the ladder, you can add or adjust the position of the desk and even completely reposition the wardrobe or daybed in another room - the configurations are endless!

What Age Is Best Suited to a Wooden High Sleeper Bed?

With the bed being accessed by a ladder, we recommend wooden High Sleeper Beds for children aged 6 and above, who are confident climbing up and down the ladder.

We have no upper age limit when it comes to our High Sleeper Beds though, meaning they’re totally safe for adults! We test to a suitable weight limit, which is 12 stone / 76kg.

What Mattress Is Recommended for a Kid’s High Sleeper Beds?

A High Sleeper Bed requires a reduced height raised bed mattress in order to meet the EC height safety regulations. The reduced height allows for sufficient depth of the loft bed’s safety rails, which prevents any rolling out at night.

Our raised bed mattresses are no compromise, built to the exact same specification as their counterparts, they’re simply compressed during the manufacturing process - which you’ll be pleased to know happens just down the road from us here in the West Country, to meet the regulations. You can shop our full collection of Bunk & High Bed Mattresses here.